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If you’ve been watching my channel for some time, you would notice that I’ve been doing more OOTD posts. In my last OOTD blog post, I talk a little about my body image and recent insecurities with the weight I’ve gained. You can read it here.

Basically I’m not happy with where I am, however as I make changes and work on my health and fitness, I don’t want to be unhappy until I reach some ideal goal. I want to love the body I’m in while I make changes. I am choosing to take a positive outlook on the whole journey and by forcing myself to dress for the body I have now and share my journey with you.

My closet has not been updated in the last year because I don’t enjoy buying clothes anymore. It’s depressing when you don’t feel good about your body image, then go to a store to find you’ve gone many sizes up. What I find so wonderful about YouTube is that it’s full of women of all shapes and sizes and companies get that. We are real women! So, I decided to accept a few pieces from different companies to style, this made me go out and shop for my current size and embrace it. I shouldn’t hide my body or avoid dressing nice for myself, just because I’m no longer a size 2. I hope my videos and posts inspire you and remind you, we are not alone.


I’m not quite sure why I get so many “dislikes” on my OOTD videos, but also get tons of positive comments. Last week was a bit discouraging when I saw the silent feedback (those that did not explain their dislike, but just hit a thumbs down button). I was so proud of the dress and video, which I spent hours editing. The video was very emotional, I felt beautiful and confident again, but also felt insecure about putting a curvier and heavier version of myself on the internet. Then I felt beautiful again, then I put the video up and was so excited to share it, then confused about the “dislikes.” At the end I’ve decided to move forward with OOTD and do these for me. I’m having so much fun filming these, creating looks, and editing.

Here is a video where I try to explain my current body image. I literally sat down on 5 different days and filmed 5 different times. This was one of the hardest videos to make, I hope that you can understand where I’m coming from and hopefully we can all support each other.



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