10 Things I Learned On My Honeymoon




Things I learned from my honeymoon in Hawaii:
1.     Nothing works better than calamine lotion for bug bites… NOTHING!
2.     If I brush on a bit of my Mary Kay lash primer over my brows, after I fill them in, my brows stay put and filled even through a down pour hike in the rain forest, snorkeling with the fishes, and laying out at the beach all day.
3.     I always pack too much stuff, but never everything I need.
4.     It’s okay to eat whatever I want on vacation, especially if you stay active.
5.     Wellnessformula and raw garlic does wonders for the immune system.
6.     Hotel shampoo and conditioner is just never the same, but it will do its job. Use the conditioner as a shaving lotion as well in a pinch.
7.     Having a washer and dryer in our hotel room is amazing and wonderful, now if only I had one in my apartment.
8.     Nothing is as good as a great skincare routine, it keeps your skin from looking exhausted and worn out from travel. I use Mary Kay’s Time wise Miracle set; it even comes in travel size!
9.     I love my Mary Kay travel bag, it has 4 removable compartments and a hanger, no unpacking toiletries ever, and it keeps the counter space clear.
10. I don’t care what people say, my roots travel bag (fanny pack) is the way to go on vacation. It’s actually stylish too! I have it in brown and black.
You may notice I’ve listed a bunch of Mary Kay products, well it’s because I started selling the products after I was introduced to it in June. While I was a huge skeptic at first, I became a fast fan after realizing how wonderful the products really are and how affordable it is, especially compared to the other products I was using. More on that later. 


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