A Feather Leads to Fun

The other day a good friend of mine told me how she found a giant bow and decided to put it on her head for fun at work. She did it for joy and she was having a good time. No one said anything about it, but she felt more playful all because of it.

Lately, she has also been wearing this bundle of feather earring in one ear. If you knew her, you would see that fit her true personality… natural, beautiful, fun, and free. When we went to try on bridesmaid dresses, even the sales clerk complemented her on her earring. She said how she liked the feathers and wish she could pull it off herself. Why can’t she? No one will judge you if you are confident in what you choose to put on. At the end of the day it’s not permanent, but it’s a way for you to explore and have fun.

Sometimes I will put in a much more conservative version of her earrings in my own ears, to try and channel the traits I love about her. It gives me a little more confidence and excitement. It lends me the strength that I admire in her.
Lots of people want “to put more effort in their appearance.” I say put more fun in it. Effort seams like work. A little joy can go a long way. Dress for yourself. Dress to put your best self out there. Dress to feel good from the outside in, most importantly, Dress Yourself to Happiness! 

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