A Very Merry Anniversary Wrap Up

If you watch my youtube channel or follow me on any of my social medias, you’d know that I recently celebrated my 2 year wedding anniversary.


Leading up to our trip, there was quite a bit of stress and planning involved. At first we were trying to make a week in Hawaii work, but finally it fell through, so off to plan B… Vegas. My husband bought us Britney Spears tickets and I was elated! Now I know Britney hasn’t been her best since 2007, but there’s something about getting to see my high school pop idol live.

The week leading up to the trip, I was filming, editing, cleaning, and working like crazy to make sure our trip would be as smooth and stress free while we were there.

Monday I took the babies (if your new they are my 2 dogs not actual human babies) to my mom’s for her to watch while we went away. While I was at my mom’s my husband lets me know that they have canceled his returning flight home and they are trying to schedule him on a new flight. I start to panic… what if he doesn’t make it back in time?!

A few hours later I get a phone call from my husband, clearly he has not gotten on the plane.
He calls: “Well your not going to believe what happened, I guess we’re not going to see Britney.”

I PANIC I’m thinking there is no way in HELL I am not going to drive myself to vegas and go see her on my own. Then he says that I have booked a job (acting job).

“That’s not possible, I haven’t auditioned for anything,” was my response.

My husband says: “No it’s a direct booking from your last audition.” (these things apparently really happen)

I still don’t believe him.

Flash forward to a few more hours, me finally believing him. I ended up working on Tuesday and our tickets are for Wednesday so worst case we can still drive in Wednesday morning to go see my pop idol.

Basically everything worked out. I worked early Tuesday morning and was wrapped just before 11am.

I play a Young Teacher


My OOT from my trailer


Gotta take a selfie!

This whole time I thought things were working agains us and our trip, but I got to work on one of my favorite shows, take a week long vacation with my husband, and see Britney Bitch!

At the concert


Look how tiny she is!


Nils from Beautylish sent me this autographed perfume from Britney. I was kind of gushing about how excited I was for the concert on Sunday at the Beautylish Charlotte Tilbury Launch.

Sometimes things going wrong really are things going right.


HUGE Vegas makeup haul will be up soon on my channel. Make sure your subscribed!


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