All About Personal Airbrushing at Home

I’m a huge fan of airbrush makeup when done right. Now that’s a BIG IF.

Being an actor working in the professional world since 16, I’ve been exposed to a lot of different forms of airbrushing. Most of the time I’m not a huge fan.

Airbrushing when done carefully and well can create the most beautiful flawless skin finish a la Downton Abby. The makeup artist for the show uses airbrushing to create flawless, no makeup makeup on all the women.

Recently I was lucky enough to visit Dinair in North Hollywood to get a first hand look at their airbrush kits and makeup. Working with the makeup artist we found my perfect combination of shades for the perfect foundation match, a MUST for airbrush foundation, otherwise you end up looking like your wearing too much makeup.

Watch my youtube channel for a full demo.

The color options are incredible! 

Dinair offers a very wide variety of colors, you will be able to find your perfect match! Mine is equal parts C128 & C110.

One of the benefits of ordering an airbrush kit from Dinar is that they come with a set of 4 foundation shades based on your skin tone. You can choose from Fair, Medium, Tan, or Dark. This will give you a great variety of shades to play with and mix and match for your perfect shade. Great for beginners and professions building their kit.

Dinair has 3 very affordable kits available starting at $99 with a basic compressor, colors, cleaner, and tons of tools for learning. The best part is if your not local, you can schedule Skype lessons with an in house makeup artist, not to mention the tons of learning videos on their website. 
The kit I received is the Personal Pro Kit for $199. This kit comes with so much stuff I was surprised! You get the professional powered compressor that is easy to set up and travel with, 8 colors, practice colors, worksheets, cleaner, and more! This is really the best value in terms of airbrush kits out there. 

Me testing out the kit for the first time

about to spray some color in my hair.

Airbrushing can be used for basic foundation, contouring, highlighting, blush, eyebrows, lips, liner, shadow, but you can also get creative and use it for body makeup, hair color, covering roots, bad tan lines, creative body painting, and more! The imagination is the limit. 

While I might not use my airbrush kit everyday, I do pull it out for events, on camera days, and whenever I feel like I need a long lasting, flawless face. 

The kit also includes bumpers so you don’t release the trigger too far. 

My surprise at how flawless my skin looks

Learning about using stencils to use airbrushing for my eyebrows. 

I’m in love!

My Tips for using airbrushing on yourself and clients expecting a flawless look.

1- Color match perfectly!
2- Less is more
3- Start slow and build up if you need to
4- Prep the skin with moisturizer and primer
5- Practice Practice Practice!

Airbrushing is wonderful for working on lots of clients and to get the flawless skin look. It is sanitary and quick. It talks me less then 5 minutes to apply foundation on my whole face and clean the gun for the next use.  Watch my video demo here.

Have you ever tried airbrush makeup? Which kits have you used? Will you be asking Santa this year for your own Dinair Kit?


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