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This blog post is about American Girl Bitty Baby Doll.

American Girl of The 90’s

Next month I’ll be turning 40 and it seemed like a good time now to go through my storage unit, like REALLY go through it. 

My mom was just as sentimental as I am and she saved all of my American Girl dolls, clothes, and accessories for me. So for the last 30 years or so they have been tucked away safely. Honestly I forgot I even owned an American Girl Bitty Baby Doll until I unboxed my dolls on YouTube for the first time. 

American Girl Bitty Baby Doll, Toddler at American Girl Doll Store

American Girl Bitty Baby Doll

Memories of my mom and I sitting together on the recliner in our living room pouring over the American Girl Catalog back when you’d have to call in your order. 

In 1995 American Girl launched the American Girl Bitty Baby Doll and I remember seeing it for the first time in the back of the catalog. 

I was already well into my AG Doll collection with Kristen, Samantha, and the Just Like You #6 which also launched in 1995. 

These baby dolls were originally designed to help children transition as their families expanded with a new baby. 

toddler girl holding her American Girl shopping bag at American Girl Store

How Did I Forget?

So until recently I remembered wanting the adorable American Girl Bitty Baby Doll, but never remembered actually owning one. 

As I unbox the dolls, I realized that it must have been one of my last purchases before I moved on from my doll phase.

Unboxing My American Girl Dolls

Passing On My American Girl Bitty Baby

While I most likely won’t be giving Kristin, Samantha, and #6 to my daughter, I did feel a twinge of sadness that these dolls never got played with like they should have. 

Looking back I was clearly a very anxious kid dealing with my traumatic and volatile environment the best I could.  This showed in how pristine my collection is even 30 years later. My dolls look like they are fresh out of the box along with all their clothes and accessories. 

I would ask for new clothes and accessories for every holiday and be so excited to get them, but I would also keep them in their original boxes, barely playing with them. 

My version of play was dressing them up, setting up scenes, and putting them away nicely so they would stay perfect. 

So after a lot of reflecting, I decided to give the nugget who is now 3 my American Girl Bitty Baby Doll. Telling her as simply as I could that this was my doll and I’d like to give it to her if she’ll do her best to care for her. 

The Nugget was so excited and has been taking care of her ever since and I've been able to heal a little bit of my childhood by watching her love and play with this doll like a three year old should. 


A Whole New World

After seeing how well she took to the American Girl Bitty Baby Doll, I suggested we visit the American Girl Store at their new location, Westfield Century City. It’s also one of our favorite malls. 

So this past weekend we took the nugget with her Bitty Baby to pick out a new outfit and some accessories. 


We ended up buying:

Our Visit to American Girl

Creating Core Memories

The store is truly an experience. I could spend half a day there looking at all the different dolls, clothes, accessories, and set ups. 

The American Girl Bitty Baby section is one of their smaller sections, but perfect for our daughter. She loved looking at all the different scenes and we were all truly a bit overwhelmed. 

Watching her explore was magical. Asking questions and being excited over what the dolls were doing in each scene was a joy to witness. 

I know that we will be back and I want to take her back for afternoon tea and of course when she is ready to pick out her own American Girl Doll. 

Also I’m happy to report that she has been non-stop playing with her American Girl Bitty Baby. The pretend play is precious to watch and participate in. 

I will be unboxing all the accessories and clothes from my collection soon on YouTube and you can always stay up to date with us with daily updates on Instagram and TikTok


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