Beaty Blender Review and How To Use


So I know I’m super late on the beauty blender wagon, but I finally caved and bought a kit from 38 dollars later (eek!). I was really skeptical especially for having to pay that much for a sponge. 
Before I opened my beauty blender I watched the how to video on the official beauty blender website and read tons of reviews and watched a bunch of youtube videos. I’m happy I did, because it’s not like any old makeup sponge.
You have to remove it carefully from it’s packaging to not cause any damage to the sponge. To use, you need to run it under the faucet while squeezing. The beauty blender grows before your eyes. Next you have to squeeze out any excess water and wrap it in a towel and squeeze again. This is all much faster when you do it in real life and not as much work as it sounds.
The water prevents you from using too much product, but I do find that I use more product than if I were to apply my makeup with a brush or my fingers. So you know I tend to be on the less is more on my foundation.
To apply the makeup with the beauty blender I pour a bit of my foundation or bb cream onto the back of my hand and then dab the beauty blender in the product. Then in a stippling and bouncing motion i tap the blender on my face starting from my nose blending out.
The beauty blender really does an amazing job at covering the skin and creating a flawless finish that looks airbrushed. The coverage is medium to heavy with the beauty blender. I was shocked at the amazing coverage from just my bb cream and the beauty blender. I also did my first impression with the beauty blender with the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and it never gave me as much coverage as it did when applied with the beauty blender. You can find the video on my youtube channel and here.
I have to say that the beauty bender really did live up to the hype. While I feel the cost is a bit steep, I’m really enjoying the application and it’s fun to bounce the cute pink sponge on my face in the morning. It feels nice, the coverage is great, and it’s quite easy to clean as well. I’ll be doing a how to video on that soon. I look forward to using my beauty blender each morning and find that the finish it provides is natural, yet flawless.
So as long as you follow the directions, I think it’s worth it. Not sure how long a beauty blender will last, but I did get the kit with the cleaner and I’m trying to take very good care of it, depending on the longevity
of my beauty blender, I’d definitely repurchase one based on my weeks worth of use so far. Who would have thought a little pink sponge could do so much for makeup. 

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