5 Best Home Workouts On YouTube

This post is about the 5 best home workouts on YouTube. 

When it comes to home workouts it helps to have guided videos showing proper form and even a person on the screen motivating you to keep going. With closing of gyms and many still feeling uneasy about returning back to their previous workout routines or even if you just are on a budget, or a new mom, here are my 5 best home workouts on YouTube to keep you going or start your fitness journey.

Also check out  my easy at home bodyweight workout post. 

best home workouts on YouTube adidas women Serein Wu
best home workouts on YouTube adidas women Serein Wu
best home workouts on YouTube adidas women Serein Wu
best home workouts on YouTube adidas women Serein Wu

I’ve created a list that includes a variety of fitness levels and workout preferences to help get you started with your home workouts. 

Led Fit Channel

Okay so obviously I’m a little biased when it comes to home workouts on YouTube I’m going to mention our channel Led Fit. Chris and I created Led Fit for realistic and sustainable home workouts to help you kickstart your fitness goals. Many of the workouts we create use minimal or no equipment, can be done in a small space, apartment friendly, and plenty of modifications for beginners. 

We wanted to provide professional and certified trainer approved workouts for those needing to workout at home for free! 

Chris also recently launched an 8 week at home beginners workout program here

Whitney Simmons

When I first started my health and fitness journey a few years back I discovered Whitney Simmons and fell in love with her personality. Self taught, she motivates you to get moving. Most of her YouTube videos are gym oriented, so it’s perfect for the beginner gym goer. Recently she has started doing more HIIT and at home workouts as well. 

Whitney also offers a paid for app called Alive. 

Yoga With Adriene

If you are a yoga newbie looking to start your practice, I love Yoga with Adriene. She’s creative and calming. Her dog is adorable and her channel offers tons of yoga practices for free! 

Adriene also does monthly challenges focused on new themes. You can also join her paid membership to access more. 


Natacha Océane

Looking for more science and challenge? Natacha Océane is your woman. She is incredibly strong, smart, and lives a very balanced lifestyle. Entertaining to watch, but also very science driven in her experiments. 

You’ll never be bored with workouts from Natacha. Natacha also has workout guides for sale. 


Pamela Reif

No talking, no explanation, just guided timed workouts with Pamela Reif. Her workouts are quick, no equipment, on the go friendly, and intense! If you enjoy a get to the point, I just want to follow a workout video, Pamela is your channel. 

Best Workouts On YouTube

Have you tried any of the home workouts on YouTube I mentioned? Do you have a favorite? I’d love to know who you workout to. 

Finally, remember that your fitness journey is just that, a journey. Start off in a realistic and sustainable matter to build up a routine and habit. You can always increase your workouts once you establish the foundation. 

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5 best home workouts on YouTube adidas women Serein Wu

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