Best Snacks For Keto

I have a feeling this blog post will be the first of many best snacks for keto posts to come, but let’s start here. Chris and I have been eating a mostly ketogenic diet for over 2 years now. We had heard about low carb and Atkins, but not completely sold on it. 

After many hours down the rabbit hole of researching diets to try to correct a few of my health problems, we decided to give the keto diet a try for 30 days. We both believe that diets and workout plans need to be committed to for at least 30 days before making a decision. Our keto journey was documented on Led Fit and you can watch it HERE

While Chris and I have gone off keto here and there and currently Chris is eating more low carb than keto, we learned a lot from our ketogenic journey. Mainly, sugar is bad. Plain and simple. Fruit sugars in moderation are okay, but overall refined sugar is toxic to our health and wellness. 

I’m often asked what I eat or how I cope without my favorite snacks. On this journey we’ve tried lots of keto snacks, not all good. Here are the ones I consistently repurchase for our kitchen. 

Please keep in-mind most of these snacks are high in fat and if you eat a lot of carb heavy foods, you’ll want to avoid too much fat in your diet. 

Also please check all the nutrition facts and ingredients before consuming any of the foods I share with you to make sure they aline with your diet. 

best snacks for keto
best snacks for keto



The Choczero milk chocolate is THE BEST sugar free keto friendly milk chocolate I have found. No cooling sensation (often experienced when using erythritol or sugar alcohols) or natural sweetener aftertaste. Creamy, melts in your mouth, pure goodness. Shop HERE

I love milk chocolate and I swear you cannot tell the difference from conventional chocolate bars and the ones from Choczero. My favorite to buy is the milk chocolate hazelnut chocolate bark. Chris prefers the dark chocolate and almonds.  


These can be hard to find, but if you are craving a cooking this is a good option. Chris loves these because he has a pastry and cooking addiction. Heat it up in the microwave for a few seconds and enjoy! Shop HERE


OMG these are the best pork rinds I’ve had. Each bag has perfectly poofy, crunchy, flavored pork rinds. My favorite flavor is the classic. 

Many of you might know I have a huge addiction to potato chips. These satisfy my chip cravings and are high in protein. Best part is they use sustainably and ethically raised pork. Shop HERE


Are the bomb, sorry couldn’t help myself with the bad joke. 

F Bomb snacks are newer to my discovery of keto snack options, but they are killing it. I personally love their Salted Chocolate Macadamia Nut Butter. It’s a great Nutella like taste and high in good fats. I like to keep a pouch in my purse at all times. Shop HERE.

Their Keto Crunch in buffalo is also a great crunchy snack and fills you up. You can use them as crouton replacements on your salad or any topping that offers a crunch to your meal. I also like to eat them alone or at the movies. 

The newest addition to the F Bomb keto snacks are the pork sticks. I appreciate finding a pork stick that does not have added cane sugar, but these are not my favorite snacks.  Personally I miss the snap of traditional pork sticks. If you don’t mind the less snap when biting into these, you’ll enjoy the flavor. 


Before keto, I was a huge soda addict. Regular cocoa cola classic was my jam and I went through cases of it a week. While I did cut back for periods of my life, I'd always return to it. Thankfully since starting keto, my sugar cravings are rare and I have Zevia for those bubbly sweet cravings. Personally I do not like most of the flavors. My goto is the Dr. Zevia. Every time I try a new flavor, it's a fail for us. So far I've tried the ginger ale, black cherry, cola and do not like them.


These are NOT perfect, but if you miss gummies and need a little sweet treat, these are better than conventional ones. 

There was a post recently about Smart Sweets triggering your glycemic index even though on the label they should be okay for those following a keto diet. 

I believe that they are working on a new formula that will be keto okay. 

After learning about this, I have kept my consumption to 1 or 2 gummies when I’m craving them. I do think they are still a better option than conventional candy. 

Also I’ll be sharing an at home sugar free gummy bear recipe on Led Fit soon. So make sure you’re subscribed

Your Turn

What are your favorite snacks? I’d love to hear and try to make them sugar free for you. Just share with me in the comments below. 

I’ll also be doing more food reviews and recipes over on our Led Fit Channel geared toward health and fitness over 30.








  1. June 4, 2020 / 7:28 pm

    I need to control myself to far away from this ssssoooo snack
    no, i don’t like it and I need to keep fit!!!

  2. Jo
    October 19, 2019 / 10:54 am

    Some of these sound really yummy! I’m just hungry now lol 🙂

    • Serein Wu
      November 15, 2019 / 6:51 pm

      sorry not sorry! LOL, thanks for reading Jo!

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