Blue Christmas

As much as I love the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can wear me out. It’s a season full of cheer and jolly, but I can’t help, but feel a bit depressed at times. There’s so much to do and so very little time. I’m a planner, but no matter how much planning I try to do I seem to be running out of time! There’s so much I want to do, so much more to do! I was going to make spiced cake pops for everyone, for every party. There are so many more presents I can buy! There’s also this feeling around this time of year that I don’t have enough. I don’t have enough money to get everyone what he or she really wants for Christmas. I don’t have enough time. I just don’t have enough. Logically I know that this isn’t what the season is all about, but all the mass amounts of advertising and subliminal messaging from consumerism seems to seep into my mind some how and I seem to need to fight it off. I already have everything I need to be happy, yes I’d love that Chanel purse and that Burberry scarf, but I don’t need it and I certainly don’t need it to be happy. So as a reminder to myself and since this is a blog about fashion and life, I am dedicating this entry to things I already have in my closet that make me happy.
1.     My gray sweat pants that I bought in China town in NYC. These sweats are perfectly worn and so amazingly comfy that I look forward to coming home to pull them on at the end of the day. The best part is they were $8. I’ve cut the bottom so that they are now Capri sweats since I’ve worn the bottom out on them. Even though during my depressed periods I’d wear them several days in a row, including outside of the house, they still make me happy to come home to.  I just have to not abuse it’s comforts.
2.     My black Chloe Betty handbag. I had been eyeing this purse for months in NYC when I lived there and on my trip back from NYC to visit for Thanksgiving, my mom got it for me as an early Christmas gift. It’s one of my favorite handbags with all the different compartments and it’s super durable and looks better every year as it ages.
3.     Alternative Apparel long sleeve V-neck. This looks great with jeans and under jackets. The v-neck is just deep enough to be sexy, but still comfy. Also it’s my favorite shade of gray.
4.     My Chloe Betty wallet. My brother gave this to me the Christmas I was living in NYC. He hates buying my clothes or accessories because he doesn’t believe in spending that much for designers, but he bought me the matching wallet to go with my handbag. It was my first and to this day only matching handbag and wallet. It’s also very functional.
5.     Green Dress that Chris got me for my birthday. It was the first present Chris ever gave to me. It’s a shocking shade of green that I normally would never wear, but it looks good and it holds a very special place in my heart and wardrobe.
6.     My first pair of black Christian Louboutin. Every girl should have a pair of Louboutin. They are so amazingly constructed and it’s such a piece of art. This was also a Christmas present a few years back. Anytime I wear these I feel sexy. Plus, for heels they are comfy. I also just love the red sole that peeps out when you walk.
7.     My Hudson purple skinny jeans. I love these because after I started to work out again and get my life back in order these were the first pair of jeans I bought. I had lost 2 pant sizes and finally started to feel like a functional human being again and rewarded myself with these fun colored jeans that are comfy and make me feel great.
8.     My Uggs. I hate Uggs. They are Ugly like their name, but damn are they comfy and I admit I wear them more than just after cardio barre. It’s a love hate relationship.
9.     My Root’s fanny pack. Now before you judge this is as stylish as you can get with a fanny pack. I love this thing. It’s great for travel or when you don’t want to carry a purse. I’ve taken this nifty pack to Hawaii, county fairs, markets, you name it, and it keeps my hands free. This thing has traveled many places with me and will be traveling to many more.
10. My engagements ring because Chris gave it to me. Also all the things that the ring symbolizes in an engagement and the promises it holds for our future together.
So there are plenty of things that make me happy in my own closet, most of them have nothing do with the actual item, but more of what it symbolizes and who gave it to me. I’m grateful for all I have and I will beat the holiday blues and leave that to Elvis. What are some of your favorite items in your closet? Also check out my first blog about dressing yourself into happiness.


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