Bride’s Maid Dresses. To Be, or Not To Be.

I know most brides say this, but I really do want my bride’s maids to wear their dresses again. I know It’s like almost impossible to pick a dress that everyone will like and look good in. I’ve been a bride’s maid 4 times now and I’ve never worn the dress again.  Thank God the brides had good taste and I looked good in the dresses they choose, but I still never wore the dress again. I am determined to be different; I picked a color that is very neutral so hopefully my friends don’t hate me for having them spend money on a dress that they possibly won’t ever wear again.
Most brides’ maid dresses run from $150 -$250, which I think is ridicules. Why so much just so everyone can look alike. Most of these dresses are poorly constructed with cheap fabric these days. Everyone seems to be cutting cost and raising prices. I remember my first wedding I was in. The dress was actually really well made with decent fabric; it also only cost $100 at the time. That was 10 years ago. These days for a basic, dress it’s still about $150 not including the alterations that everyone will most likely need. Knowing all this I started my search. I found lots of cute designs, but what am I going to do? Everyone has different bodies and tastes. I kept going back to J. Crew Weddings. They had the simplest no frills dresses that were also well constructed. So my good friend Heather made an appointment and off we went. Heather and Alyssa accompanied me to the first official bride’s maid dress fitting.  I was nervous.

Heather loved the strapless dress; Alyssa loved the ruffled collar dress. They both came in the fabric and color I wanted, so why not let them each get what they want? Done. Best spur of the moment decision I’ve made. Actually come to think of it, most of my wedding planning has been spur of the moment decision-making. They were both happy and they both looked great! The price didn’t seem to bother either of them either. Cool. So I picked out another dress to give the rest of the girls options. Why not? As long as everyone looks good and is in the same fabric and color it really doesn’t matter. J. Crew made it super easy to have this happen. It wasn’t an issue at all and while it may be a little confusing to decide on which one they want, at least they get a choice and I may get my wish that they do wear the dress again. I hate when you buy something and only get to wear it once, it’s just not economical. Trusting my gut instinct I sent out the e-mails notifying the girls.  I know that there is this common belief that the bride picks these ugly dresses for her bride’s maids so that she can look even better, but seriously I’ll be the one in a beaded, lace, ivory, gown walking down the aisle, I’ll look good and I’ll be noticed. My bride’s maids are doing me a favor, by supporting me on my big day. They have been through so much with me. Some of mine have even known me since kindergarten. These girls have seen me at my worst and best and still love me. They have been there for me through thick and thin and I am honored to have them help me out on my big day, which I will need a lot of emotional support, so why not try and have them look great and feel great too? 

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