Budget Doesn’t Mean Cheap

Sometimes I wish I had all the money in the world to do whatever I want to and buy anything my heart desires. Even though I fantasize about having an expendable income to buy all my favorite designers all the time at full price without blinking, I have to stop and think; would it lessen its value to me? Would I look at my Chanel the same way I look at my coach bags? Would I treat my Louboutin heels like my Steve Maddens? I’d like to think not. However I think the glamour, need to save up, or only choose one item from a designer’s collection that season, adds to its allure. We tend to covet what we cannot have. While I drool over Chanel, Chloe, Louboutin, and Burberry, and think long and hard about what I will save up for, in the mean time I find tons of stuff way more affordable and practical for my life. So can you!
So while I love my designers, I also love my bargain hunting finds. It all started with my mom. She could never turn down a good deal.  Around high school was when my mom and I would head to the mall on the weekends and shop. While I always wanted the things that were nicely organized and sized from smallest to largest and by color that were NOT marked down, my mom headed straight for the clearance section. You’d be amazed at the stuff she would grab and claw her way to. Most of my cocktail dresses I used to perform in were bought for less than $60. As my mom picked through the clearance racks I would try to secretly throw in a few regular priced items and hope she wouldn’t notice the price, she always did.
Looking back on it now, I realize this is where I get it. I’m on a budget right now and I’m committed to not using plastic for the next few months, so I usually only have at most $100 in my wallet, but I can find a lot for under $100.  Without knowing, my mom has passed down her knowledge of bargain hunting and I’ve added to it. So this is what I prefer to do. Avoid discount stores in the beginning. If your like me you’d get overwhelmed and annoyed and probably arrested for starting a fight with the guy who just rammed his cart into you because he’s a rude, oblivious, ass hole. Instead, head to large department stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom’s, and even Barny’s. They always have a sale section and when the seasons start to change the prices get slashed. I buy James Perse T’s for at least 30%- 50% off and they are good all season in So Cal. One of my favorite brands is Free People, but they are a bit over priced in my opinion, luckily they are always on sale at Macy’s and Bloomingdales. The down fall is if you really fall in love with a dress that is at full price you risk finding it on clearance, but not in your size. I always panic over that. The piece that got away. However in also dealing with a budget, like I mention in my past posts, I’m focusing on buying quality over quantity. I’ve never actually died without a certain dress, and while I long after it, it just wasn’t meant to be. I’m learning to let it go. Another one of my favorites lately is DSW. I love scoping out the clearance section and I actually scored a few times. I found these nude flats on clearance, which were the exact ones on the floor for their normal price. Same shoe, I took the cheaper one after much inspection. Checking online for coupons and frequent buyer deals is also a must. Most stores offer some sort of incentive these days, just be careful that your not buying just to buy, a habit that runs in my family. 
Just last week I stopped into lulu lemon to pick up my yoga pants that were being hemmed (on the house) and was thinking about how I needed a yoga matt bag and a yoga towel for class. I was scanning the bags when I found a hot pink one for $19! Originally it was for almost $60! I freaked out, I didn’t love the pink one, but I thought okay I could rock this since the black isn’t on sale, but then I found a purple one at the bottom with the tag missing. I took it to the register and it was also on sale for $19! SOLD! I had that in my wallet in cash! Then I went to look at the towels, which were normally priced at around $38 and that too, was on sale! I got my towel for $20! I was tempted to buy out the rest of them, but I only had so much cash on me plus I’m trying to avoid the urge to hoard.
So while I am on a budget, I don’t have to dress or look like I am, hell I don’t even have to practice yoga like I am. No one should. There is always a way. In a way bargain hunting is a little thrilling. Also I feel kind of empowered for my finds. I still long to visit my friends Chanel, Louboutin, Chloe, and Burberry, but it’s just a relationship that will have to be nurtured from a distance for now. 

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  1. January 11, 2012 / 3:33 pm

    my moms the same as your mom
    must be a chinese thing…

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