Chanel Spring 2015

Chanel just always gets me. Something about Coco Chanel and the legacy she has left behind. Everything is so elegant, timeless, and chic.

Chanel Spring 2015 has officially launched and I picked up one of the eyeshadow quads in 236 Tisse Fantaisie. I felt that this one was more suited for my typical makeup look and I can get lots of use out of it.
Sadly the blushes while beautiful, just didn’t work well with my skin tone so I decided to pass on them. My recent obsession with lipsticks and lippies in general has me passing on the lip products from this collection. There wasn’t anything that I felt was so unique that I didn’t already own something similar or needed.

The shades are very build able and easy to blend.

Like most high end shadows, with one swatch it’s hard to tell how beautiful they really are. Most of the color stays on my fingers that I use to swatch my arm. The shimmery white is absolutely gorgeous and the dark brown stained my arm all day.

Will you be picking anything up from the Chanel Spring 2015 Collection?


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