Affordable Way to Clean Makeup Brushes


It’s very important to clean your makeup brushes, especially if you have sensitive and acne prone skin. The makeup builds up with bacteria and your facial oils every time you use your brushes. So while you might not clean them everyday (because who really has time for that), you do need to make an effort to clean them once a week ideally.
Here’s my cheap and easy way to clean my make up brushes at home.
First you need Olive Oil and Dawn Dish Soap. 

Next I use a clean plate and mix equal parts olive oil and dawn dish soap. The dish soap is anti bacterial and really degreases your brushes. The olive oil conditions the brush.
Then I take my brushes and swirl them in the mixture and work up a lather with my finger tips. The whole time keeping the brush bristles down so that I avoid getting liquid up the brush handle which will mess with the adhesive and cause my brushes to fall apart.
Then under cold running water I rinse the soap and olive oil out and wring out any excess water.
Next I take a paper towel and soak up as much of the water from the brush as possible.

Finally I use a brush guard and leave my brushes bristle side down in a cup. This allows all the moisture to drip down and evaporate. When they are dry I fluff out the brushes and I’m all good to go!
I bought my brush guards on line a few years ago and they are still working great! You can get them on Amazon here
I find that even though I sometimes use pricer brush cleaners, the dawn dish soap (regular old blue stuff) and olive oil is still my goto.
In-between cleaning I like to use a brush sanitizing spray that I can spray onto dirty brushes and wipe off on a paper towel. I use the purple stuff from namies. Here is the link to it:

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