Colour Pop Cosmetics Band Wagon

Okay so after avoiding the colour pop craze that has been happening lately on blogs & especially youtube, I finally jumped on the band wagon on Black Friday.

I purchased one of their holiday eye color collections in “not a box of chocolates”
The eyeshadows are crazy! They are the most unique texture and formulation I’ve ever felt. It’ not quite a cream, not a pigment, yet not a traditional shadow either. Shadows are creamy, blend able, and pigmented. Definitely fun and worth the $5 a pop. Crazy affordable. 
Tip- make sure the keep the lids on tight as to not dry out the shadows. 

I also picked up a few lippies and lip liners in Button & Brink
First off I do like how the lippies and coordinating lip pencil are the same name, so no guessing on which one to get together. 

The formula is super rich and pigmented. I love the packaging and again the $5 price point is risk free and wonderful.

Sadly I wasn’t a huge fan of Button. The shade made my lips look a bit flat and dead, but this would look beautiful on a paler complexion than mine. Not quite sure why Button’s lip pencil is so much darker than the lippie, which added to the odd look on my.

I will be repurchasing a few different shades so I can try them out. I think I’d really like the bolder and brighter shades with these formulations.

Tip- make sure to exfoliate and moisturizer your lips before wearing these.

Have you tried Colour Pop Cosmetics yet? Will you now?


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