I use to be a hoarder and can still be at times. The thought, what if I need this? I will need this someday. Along with countless visions of me needing and using whatever it is I want to keep will flood through my mind. Recently I sold my golf clubs that I literally forgot about because they were in a storage unit we forgot about, but I felt a pain of sadness as it was sold because of all the lost golfing trips I might have had with them.


Decluttering while feels good at the end, is a challenge for me. There are lots of reasons why I want to downsize and declutter. Mainly to break habits and to see what I really need. For so long I felt that things could bring me happiness and success. I don’t believe this anymore. Yes, certain items that I love can, but too much ends up causing noise, clutter, and stress.

Chris and I are moving into a 700 square feet apartment. For reference we are currently in 2300 square feet. Much too big for the two of us, but 700 square feet will the be smallest space we’ve ever lived together. Since we’ve been together (8 years now) we have never shared a bathroom. This will be a challenge. While I’ve been downsizing my life, I’ve come across two giant bags of empties.


Empties in the beauty community really means garbage. Specifically any beauty related garbage. It’s the OG of beauty YouTube videos. I have no idea who started it, but I use to watch hours of it. For me it was a good way to see if someone really loved the products they were raving about. So of course I collect my trash to share with you. Somehow the trash collecting has gotten out of control. To be honest since starting my blog and channel, I use it as an excuse to continue the hoarding. I might need it for a shoot. Well it’s for my channel…

Since I have over a years worth, lets break it down starting with bath and body empties today. I’m sure there are more than five bath and body products, but let's start here for my sanity sake.

bath and body empties


With the amount of products that I test out, it’s a feat to actually use up an entire bottle of anything. I’m quite proud of how much I’ve used in the last year or so. Sometimes I feel like I’m having to purge barely used products just so I can make room for new things to test.


Let’s start with these five empties and what I thought about them.


empties bath and body Mun

MUN Ayour Body Toning Serum 3.38 oz. $75

After using up a travel size of this body serum, I immediately needed a full size. Surprisingly the product lasts a decent amount of time.


Brighten, tighten and smooth with a skin-loving botanical blend.

This powerful treatment for the body softens, smooths and tones the skin. The silky, fast-absorbing formula is enriched with Moroccan Olive Oil, a highly effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that brightens and evens out skin tone. Combined with Cucumber Seed Oil, it works to fight free radicals. Together, Rosehip Seed Oil and Prickly Pear Seed Oil minimize the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles. Lavender, Neroli and Frankincense soothe skin and provide anti-aging benefits. This fast-absorbing serum leaves the skin moisturized and silky-soft. Effective for all skin types.


  • noticed skin in areas applied to be brighter and more toned
  • natural and toxic free
  • good packaging
  • smells like a spa
  • a little goes a long way


  • is a little pricey for a body product, but I only use it where I feel I need a little extra TLC

Overall I love this product and already have a new one waiting for me to use. I like to apply a pump on the back of my thighs, knees, and stomach. Applying on damp skin makes the product glide easier and goes a lot farther per pump.

Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit Body Lotion 10 oz. $23

One of my all time favorite scents from Fresh. I'm really a sucker for anything citrus. Also a fan of the brand in general.

What It's Suppose To Do

Hesperides Grapefruit Body Lotion with citrus fruit extracts is proven to significantly moisturise the skin for up to 24 hours* while protecting against dryness. The nourishing formula is also proven to soften and soothe the skin and is enriched with moisturizing shea butter and protective vitamins C and E. It is infused with the intoxicating citrus medley of Hesperides Grapefruit Eau de Parfum.


  • lightweight and hydrating
  • smells devine
  • not sticky or greasy
  • absorbes quickly
  • generous amount of product


  • formula isn't anything special in the world of lotions.
  • the last bit is hard to get to.

Overall I think of this more as a luxury treat yourself product. It's beautiful and works, but if you're on a budget, you can find lotions for less. The Fresh lotions are not overly pricey, but they are a luxury and it's nice to have in your bathroom.

empties bath and body

Lalicious Birthday Cake Sugar Scrub 16 oz. $38

Smells exactly like birthday cake and I love it. It's a scent that makes me smile. Generous amount of product and a pretty pink color.

What It's Suppose to Do

A gentle, exfoliating sugar scrub.What it does: Pure sugar cane crystals gently slough away dry skin cells to reveal a youthful, even skin tone.


  • smells like birthday cake
  • exfoliates
  • leaves a layer of oil for hydration
  • won't need to moisturize after using


  • careful getting out of the shower, makes everything slippery
  • not good before a self tan session because of the left over sheen.
  • the smell can be strong for some.
  • not a fan of the packaging

While I personally love the body scrub and scent, I could see this not working out for some. If you don't like a left over feeling of oil this is not the product for you. Don't like sweet scents? You'll want to pass. Looking for a fun sugar scrub? This is the product for you. I do wish the packaging was a bit nicer. Love it enough to keep an extra tub in my stockpile. Yes, I have a stockpile. I said I was working on downsizing and a more minimalist lifestyle, but let's not get crazy here. I'm going to keep extras of favorites I know I'll use up.

empties bath and body glossier

Glossier Body Hero Oil Body Wash 8.4 oz. $18

A surprise favorite from glossier. I've gone through a whole bottle and have two backups because I love it that much.

What It's Suppose to Do

An oil cleanser inspired by the ones for your face, made for your body. Soapy body washes strip and disrupt your skin’s top layer. Daily Oil Wash turns from oil to froth and provides a better clean than typical body cleansers, while hydrating skin—not stripping it. How does it work? The seven-oil blend attracts grime and sweat like a magnet, lifting it from your skin. Once water hits, the oil turns into a soft froth that washes it all away. And because it’s made with 0% water, it won’t affect the pH anywhere on your body. Skin is left visibly softer, supremely clean, and prepped for Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream.


  • smells amazing!
  • suds up beautifully
  • hydrating
  • cleans without stripping
  • softer skin
  • comes with a pump
  • can be used to shave with


  • can't think of any

Seriously one of my favorite launches of all time from Glossier. It's such a beautiful oily, sudsy formula. Lightly fragrance to not offend, but refresh. If you haven't tried it, TRY IT!

Shop through my reps link to get 10% off entire first order and free shipping over $30 always.

empties bath and body

AHAVA Natural Bath Salt in Natural 32 oz. $22 (currently on sale for $15.40)

To be honest, this was the least inspiring of the product empties for this round. I think I only used it up because it was easy to. I got maybe around 5 baths with this tub.

What It's Suppose to Do

Rich in health-inducing minerals, these 100% pure Dead Sea salts contains 21 essential minerals. They condition skin by increasing moisture and nourishment levels, helping to ease muscle tension and soreness and relax both body and mind.

  • Rich in health-enabling minerals, these natural crystals relax tight muscle and joints


  • calming


  • I don't like the scent.
  • not sure it's worth the full price.
  • didn't notice a difference from epsom salts

Overall not impressed enough to purchase in stores. Maybe on sale I would if I was out of bath salts.

To Empties or Not to Empties?

Should I continue to post mini empties reviews here? Or should I just toss the years worth of trash? Let me know in the comments. Don't forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM and check out our NEW CBD and SELF-CARE SHOP!



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  1. Ashley Turpen
    August 26, 2018 / 4:38 am

    I like seeing your empties because like you said you try so much, so its interesting to see what you do work all the way through. On the other hand though if collecting them is an issue, dont worry about it! You have great content either way!

    • Serein Wu
      September 3, 2018 / 1:14 pm

      Thanks Ashely! I do feel very accomplished if I finish a whole bottle of something!

  2. Jennifer Schrock
    August 23, 2018 / 7:44 am

    I love you Serein! I’m a huge fan as you know. I was watching your YouTube account the new Asian movie releasing/ released in August. The giveaway link or whichever we’r are to sign up for pops up for me a January giveaway that’s been closed. How do i sign up for your current giveaway? BTW, NEVER CHANGE! I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL AND CONTENT.

    • Serein Wu
      August 25, 2018 / 9:02 pm

      I’m picking winners from my newsletter subscribers, so you just need to sign up and confirm.

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