Creamiest Matte Single Shadows EVER

Colour Pop has done it again! This California, American made cosmetics company has come out with new matte shadows. I thought the satin, metallic, ultra- metallic, and pearlized finishes were beautiful, but these matte shadows hare to die for!
This is the perfect finish for the more natural makeup lover. Mixing these mattes with metallic, ultra-metallic, and pearlized offers dimension and unlimited possibilities.

The pigmentation is 100% vibrant and creamy. These shadows are not for the faint of heart. Check out my previous posts about Colour Pop Cosmetics.

typo: Bandit is actually miss labeled and is Farah

I’ve been consistent impressed with Colour Pop Cosmetics and even listed them in my Best of 2014 Lip Products as well as my Best of 2014 Eyeshadows.

Have you tried Colour Pop yet? What do you think of the line?


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