Current Skincare Routine Featuring Mei Yin Skincare

The most important thing in beauty… good skin. 
We all long for perfect skin, we all strive for it, and we all spend hundreds of dollars every year in hopes of achieving perfection. 
Recently I’ve gotten my routine and products down to give my skin what it needs pure, high grade, organic, natural, parban free products. The results, my skin has never looked better! Just look at my recent videos where I’m barely wearing foundation and feel great. 
I’ve been on a major skincare revamp lately. In my latest skincare video I share with you my current 3 step skincare routine. 
Now this is my day to day quick get unready routine. 
2-3 times a week I like to pull out my ultrasonic tool or my microdermabrasion at home kit to do a deep clean, exfoliate, serums, and hydrating mask. (more info can be found on my channel)
Here are the 3 products I use everyday for a quick cleanse, tone, and moisturizer. 
Mei Yin Skincare products are based in traditional Chinese Medicine. Formulated by Chinese herbalists and licensed acupuncturists. Mei Yin Skincare is 100% natural, 100% plant based, cruelty free, sulfate free, and parabens free. 

After removing my eye makeup with an oil based makeup remover, I like to start my routine with a good non foaming cleanser. 
I learned the hard way that foaming cleansers contain detergent, which is harsh and strips your skin of it’s natural oils and moisture. Most skin types do not like detergents in their cleanser. 
The Bai Shao Yao Cleansing Milk is incredibly gently, creamy, and hydrating while removing any dirt and makeup. If you wear heavy makeup I suggest using a gently makeup wipe first or cleansing twice. 
*Tip use warm water (not hot) open the pores and cleanse the skin, then use cold to close the pores. 

After cleansing I like to use the Chen Pi Daily Tonic with Green Tea on a exfoliating cotton round. Toners are suppose to balance the skin’s PH after cleansing. The Bai Shao Yao Cleansing milk is so gently that my skin usually feels great already, but a toner will also remove any residual residue. 
The Chen Pi Dail Tonic is gently and full of antioxidants. I find this step to really refresh my skin and balance it. 

Finally I finish off with a hydrating moisturizer. I really like the Sha Shen Hydrating Moisturizer with White Peony because of the fluffy whipped texture. 
The Sha Shen Hydrating Moisturizer is hydrating without being greasy or feeling heavy on the skin. My skin looks bright and healthy after the 3 steps. Watch my video to see my whole routine with tips here.

Just look at the fluffy texture of this beautiful moisturizer.

The line is priced affordably especially with the high grade ingredients and quality of the products. You can get most of the product for about $30. The moisturizer is the priciest set at $60, but that is a bad price point compared to some other moisturizer out there. I find that I like this moisturizer better than some of the other night creams I’ve used that have cost twice as much or more.

Overall I love the products, the ingredients make my skin happy, it’s fairly priced, expensive quality packaging, and most importantly great for my skin! Did I say that already? My skin just feels amazing.

Mei Yin has offered my readers a discount code incase you’d like to try the products out yourself. Use  Happy20 at checkout.


FTC Disclaimer:
This post is in partnership with Mei Yin. I only recommend products or services I have tested and use personally and believe will be good for my viewers! I do not make commission on any purchases. Also the proof is in my skin. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.  Thank you for reading! I love you! 

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