Dress the Part for Your New Year’s Goal

            Happy New Year! I hate New Years Resolutions, but I do have goals. Reflecting on the last year and setting new goals and not making the same mistakes or having to learn the same lessons twice are always something I strive for. This year I have very specific fitness and health goals. I know now that my physical shape has a lot to do with my mental shape, maybe it’s the 15 years of dance training and always being active that has something to do with it, but If I don’t stay interested and active in my physical being my mind starts to deteriorate. So I started yoga classes. Something new to keep me interested in staying in shape, plus I met a new friend on set who raves about the benefits of yoga practice, so I printed out a coupon for a free week at Core Power Yoga and I’m going full force into it. Many people set new goals for the New Year and most of it is about fitness. New fitness goals can be daunting and scary especially when you’re surrounded with “fit” people.
Notice that all the beautifully fit people in your fitness class or at the gym or running at the park always tend to look fit and beautiful and like they know what they’re doing, almost like their a pro? It’s because they know that part of the healthy mindset of looking and feeling fit is to dress the part. You could be a better runner or yogi, but they look like a runner or a yogi. It’s because clothes do matter. I’m a big believer in dressing the part and feeling the part outside in. Sometimes when I want to try something new or know I’ll probably be out of my comfort zone, I try to dress the part first. Think about Barbie, she’s got an outfit for every job, every occasion. There’s something to it. There’s a reason people wear certain clothes for certain sports, it’s functional, but lets take it one step further. How do you feel about it? Are you wearing baggy sweats and a baggie T-shirt? Are you hiding at the gym or in the back of the class? Are you proud to be seen in your wardrobe? Would you meet someone up in your outfit for a coffee or snack? You should. Dressing your best includes your workout clothes. You deserve to be there and be seen.

      Dress to sweat, but dress to impress yourself too. Make yourself feel like a pro ready for your new fitness goals. You’ll want to work out more if you want to be seen in your cute yoga pants or new running top. Yoga for example is usually done in a class full of mirrors. You want to dress so you can see your form and correct yourself. Also if you’re in a room full of mirrors why not put something on that you enjoying looking at yourself in. I love tops from lulu lemon, they are cute, stylish, high quality, and super comfy. They even have different support levels for all activities. Their running shorts are great for the summer. They have little compartments for keys and are lined with underwear so you can run for miles without a wedgey.
Yes, set goals for yourself this year, but don’t forget to dress the part too. First impressions do matter and you should always dress to impress yourself. Try it. Let me know how it goes. You might actually have fun and like what you see. 

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