Dress yourself to Happiness… Seriously

I’m dedicating this post to 3 things that I think should be applied to your everyday clothing choices. My weeks are filled with ups and downs and recently there have been a lot fewer downs in between the ups. Looking back I can say that therapy, exercise, diet, and creating a consistent schedule for me has to do with it, but I also think applying all the changes I’ve made inside to the out also helps more than anyone ever gives credit to. I look at getting dressed differently. While I’ve always loved fashion, I see it differently now. Here are my three rules for dressing yourself happy.
1.                    Always dress the part. Last week I wrote a whole post about dressing for the activity or event, it is one of my favorite posts thus far because I really do believe that clothes make a first impression, but more importantly it helps you feel like your ready for the activity your about to take on. We want to look our best for a date, so why not life? You want to dress in appropriate clothes for different sports because of function, but this concept can be taken so much farther! Please read Dress the Part for Your New Years Goals if you haven’t already.
2.                    Dress to make yourself feel good. You deserve it. Everyone deserves it. We can do all the work on the inside, but until your ready to look your best, you won’t feel your best. It wasn’t until I got out of my uniform of sweats that I got up and out of the house to really get healthy inside and out. You should dress to show off what’s on the inside. So many times unconsciously we do that already, but just like smiling can suddenly change your whole mood, so can your clothes. Put on something that flatters your unique self and let the world see YOU!
3.                    Trends will come and go, but you won’t. Your essence, your style, and personality are the only things that no one else has and makes you special. Yes, your special because your you. The whole world only has one of you. So be you. Dress like you. If you are drawn to glitter add it to your wardrobe. Be creative and adventurous in your wardrobe. Have fun! You can always change your mind and change your outfit, so go for it! Make a fashion mistake, but make it with your head held high and because you were following your heart and who you are.  Who knows you could be the new trend.
Now I know that my goal was one post a week, but I was inspired to write another one this week from a voice class that I took.  My hope is that this inspires you to take some risks and move towards your fears no matter how small you think they are.  Please if you like what you read, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! I’d greatly appreciate it! Comments are also always welcome!

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