Elate Cosmetics – Sustainable Makeup Brand on The Rise

This blog post is about Elate Cosmetics, a sustainable makeup brand on the rise.

*products in this blog post were gifted for consideration, visit the disclaimer page to learn more. 

Elate Cosmetics - Sustainable Makeup Brand on The Rise

Elate Cosmetics has been a brand I’ve been following for a few years now. Based in Canada, this vegan and cruelty free cosmetics brand focuses on wearable capsule makeup collections. Made with ethically sourced materials and housing all products with thoughtful eco friendly packaging, this is a brand to keep an eye on. 

Unlike many “clean beauty” brands, Elate does not use fear tactics to sell products. In fact Elate Cosmetics prefers to focus on spreading awareness, creating wearable products, and what I like to call slow beauty. 

Company Mission Statement

At Elate Cosmetics, we are a B-Corp certified

company committed to our communities and the

world. We create safe, effective beauty products for

everyone using exceptional ingredients, ethical

marketing and innovative and sustainable practices.

Ethical | Sustainable | Vegan | Cruelty-free


Capsule Beauty is the philosophy that if we consciously select what we

bring into our everyday rituals, it will not only bring us joy but also

start to reduce our environmental impact.

Mission statement taken from ElateBeauty.com.

elate cosmetics sustainable makeup brand

Why Slow Beauty?

For years I fell into the consumerism mindset of more is more. I was always looking for the next lipstick to make me happy, the perfect foundation to fix my own insecurities, and of course with the popularity of huge makeup collections I believed the more I had the more secure I would be. 

Of course that was not the case. The more I had the less happy I became because I was always chasing for more. I forgot to appreciate what I did have and in a way I also lost my creativity when it came to beauty. 

There was a whole coming to terms moment, then a year long No Buy Journey documented on my Main YouTube Channel where I had to untangle the messy webs of over spending, need to spend, and emotional spending psychology. 

Elate Cosmetics

In comes Elate Cosmetics. Around this time was when I also focused on making sustainable swaps in our home. Channon Rose was over and shared with me her Elate Cosmetics Palette and I was drawn to the minimalist approach to makeup. 

Quality over quantity and use what you have. I was drawn to the eco-friendly packaging down to how products are shipped to the customer. Every effort is made by the brand to be low waste and recyclable. 

The Makeup

Let’s talk about the Makeup I’ve tried from Elate Cosmetics thus far. Remember I’m focused on slow consumption which means I don’t always get the chance to try everything right away. 

elate cosmetics (even) better balm
elate cosmetics even better balm swatches

(Even) Better Balm in Arise and Bloom $21 USD

Reformulated as of June 22nd and launching with 6 different shades. The Better Balm tinted lip conditioners are infused with moisturizing, vegan ingredients: castor oil, olive oil and sunflower oil 

Better Balm now includes carrot root and rosehip oil as effective antioxidants to protect against environmental pollutants.

A sheer wash of color on the lips and ultra nourishing without feeling sticky or gooey. I really enjoy these tinted balms for the perfect just barely there lip color and moisture. Perfect for everyday and a little pick me up to brighten the complexion. 

Shop Better Balm Here

elate cosmetics brow balm in smoke
elate cosmetics brow balm packaging
elate cosmetics brow balm smoke

Brow Balm in Smoke $28 USD

This is my second Brow Balm and I love that they were able to send me a refill packaged in seed paper. Fully compostable packaging or plant and watch the flowers grow. Just pop the refill in the reusable bamboo compact. 

The Brow Balm is available in 3 shades and can be used to tame, set, and fill your brows. It has a waxy consistency and is just pigmented enough. 

Shop Brow Balm Here

elate cosmetics mascara

Essential Mascara $28 USD

The essential Mascara from Elate Cosmetics comes in 2 shades brown or black. Probably the most eco conscious mascaras I’ve tried with a compostable bamboo outer package and recyclable inner component. 

I love the natural lengthening and fluffy look I get with this mascara. Never clumps or flakes no matter how many coats I apply. Truly a beautiful mascara. 

I’ll even use this mascara over others to give me the soft length and flutter lashes I prefer. 

Shop Essential Mascara Here

elate cosmetics lip colour
elate cosmetics lip colour swatches

LipColour Pencil $22 USD

Currently available in 8 shades. I have Serene and Darling. Formulated for a smooth and long wear lip color, I enjoy the lip liner and color in one. 

Serene is the perfect my lips, but better everyday mauve rose tone and Darling is a stronger bolder shade for when I feel it. 

These pencils produce minimal carbon in the production and disposal process. The lid is corn-derived to reduce plastic usage in the making of this product and lower environmental emissions, and the California cedarwood is PEFC certified which guarantees sustainable forest management. The labelling on the pencil is water-based paint, however the coloured end-cap is made of Urethane Acrylate and nitrocellulose and is not biodegradable.

Shop LipColour Pencil Here

Final Thoughts

With sustainability on the brands forefront and fun tips to maximize your products on their social media accounts, Elate Cosmetics is a brand to keep an eye on. 

What draws me to the brand beyond their mission statement is that they avoid using fear tactics to drive sales. Instead they focus on education and transparency. 

Elate Cosmetics is a brand I’m happy to support and will be purchasing from again. 

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