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This blog post is about facial cupping at home using the Wilding Lumin Collection. Keep reading to see how you can win your own Lumin Collection set from Wildlings. 

facial cupping wildling lumin collection

What is Facial Cupping?

Facial cupping promotes circulation, which may help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decrease puffiness, and more. You can experiment with facial cupping at home using the Wildling Lumin Collection. 

Does It Work?

If you watch any of my ASMR Facial treatments on YouTube, you will see me perform facial cupping on my models. 

While people will argue over the effectiveness of facial cupping, I like to focus on how it makes the person feel. Everyone I’ve performed the treatment on has enjoyed the experience. 

You notice an imminent change in the person’s skin. 

Like most non invasive treatments, consistency is key when it comes to facial cupping, especially when doing it at home. 

Wildling Lumin Collection

The Wildling Lumin Collection is a wonderful quality facial cupping set for anyone interested in trying it at home. 

The set includes: Lumin Three-In-One Oil, Lumin Cupping Set, Lumin Cloud Cloth, & Lumin Mushroom.  

facial cupping wildling lumin collection

How To Perform Facial Cupping at Home

  1. Using the Lumin Collection, apply a generous amount of the Lumin Three-In-One Oil which is formulated for blemish prone skin on the face and neck. This dry oil is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that work as an oil cleanser, cupping medium, and moisturizer. 
  2. Take the larger facial cup and work from the base of your neck squeezing gently to create a light suction. Keeping the cup suctioned, slide the cup up toward your jawline. Repeat. Move along the neck.
  3. Work just above the jawline from the chin toward the ear repeating the slight pinch to create suction and slide along the jawline. 
  4. Move up along the face toward the cheekbone once again repeating the process. 
  5. Take the smaller cup to work gently under the eyes along the orbital bone. 
  6. You can use the small cup to work along the mouth for a plumping affect. 


Facial cupping is different from body cupping. You always want to create a slight suction that is comfortable, never painful. 

You will see a slight redness immediately after, but it should dissipate quickly. 

Personally I like to repeat each area 3 to 5 times. 

Lumin Collection
Lumin Collection
Lumin Collection
Lumin Collection
Lumin Collection

Shop The Lumin Collection

facial cupping wildling Lumin Collection
facial cupping Wildling Lumin Collection
facial cupping wildling lumin collection

Win Your Own Facial Cupping Set 

Having been a long time fan of Wildings and facial cupping I reached out to them to see if they’d like to participate in a giveaway for my readers. They agreed! 

One lucky winner will receive their very own Lumin Collection. This is the exact set I use myself and on my models. 

Make sure you are following BOTH @sereinwu and @wildling_beauty on Instagram and fill out THIS FORM to enter. 

Giveaway will be open for 2 weeks. The winner will be contacted by email and have 24 hours to claim the prize. Once the winner is confirmed, I’ll post the winner’s first name here. 

If you'd like to purchase The Lumin Collection, you can use "SEREINWU" for a discount (this is an affiliate code)


Photos are from a recent Wildling Retreat where we learned more about the products I already loved from the founders. The giveaway is in collaboration with Wildlings. This post is not sponsored. 

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