first pregnancy purchases pregnancy must haves

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first pregnancy purchases pregnancy must haves
pregnancy must haves first pregnancy purchases

I found out about my pregnancy with my first child on April 10th, 2020. Read about it HERE. After the initial shock and then sharing with close family and a few friends, I started down the path of everything our baby and I will need. Got extremely overwhelmed with all the must have pregnancy items and decided to make a few smaller first pregnancy purchases.

As an ex emotional shopper, this whole journey can be triggering. What do I actually need, what am I buying just to buy, and am I shopping because I cannot process all the emotions I’m going through? I want my baby to have everything it needs, but I don’t want to buy excessively. We have a small space and I hate clutter. Here are my first pregnancy purchases and why I bought them. 



As an ex emotional shopper still in recovery, all the baby blogs, apps, books, and Pinterest Pins can lead me down a deep dark spending hole. An over thinker on a good day, it also quickly became overwhelming to look at all the options of each item out there. 


I decided I’d take it one step at a time and focus on what I might need now or the immediate future. Keeping in mind that shipping is taking longer and a bit unreliable due to Covid-19. 



Because of slower shipping times and honestly already feeling low back pain and discomfort, I decided to invest in a pregnancy pillow as soon as possible. Reading everyone’s regrets and what you need when pregnant in your first trimester, I thought this was a sound purchase. 


The pillow should last your entire pregnancy and many women say they continue to use it long after. Sounded like a good investment. 


Because sleep is so important when not pregnant, I know how much sleep mattered now that I am. Good sleep seems priceless or at the cost of around $75 in this case. 


After over two hours of reading reviews and asking friends, I decided on The Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow $60


The price seemed decent and the reviews were good enough. 


Because the reviews said how scratchy the pillow case is, I decided to order a back up in the jersey fabric. There were still a few reviews saying the jersey pillow case was not up to their satisfaction and I agree, but I’m hoping with continued washing it’ll soften up. Additional pillowcase for $13.50.


I took a silk pillowcase I had and put it over the end that I use for my face. This seems to work fine, but isn’t the prettiest thing on the bed. 


So far I love the pillow, it keeps me on my side specifically my left side for better circulation. Love the pillow during the day for naps and just nesting in bed. 


I do wish it had better pillowcase offerings with 100% silk or cotton vs. polyester blends. 



I hate feeling nauseous. The thought of being sick makes me panic. I’m the person that refuses to throw up even though I know it’ll make me feel better after. 


While I can’t do much about getting morning sickness, I can plan ahead and have these Preggie Pop Drops for Morning Sickness on hand. I bought a variety pack for $12.98.


They are quite sweet and do contain 4 grams of sugar per drop, not the best in my opinion, but I’ll do anything to avoid feeling nauseous. 


At time of writing I have not had severe morning sickness, just bouts of nausea and queasiness. The drops have helped a bit when I take them. Honestly it’s hard for me to finish an entire drop because of how sweet they are. 

*Update: starting around week 7, I became severly nauseous and sick for the rest of my first trimester. While these drops were handy, I preferred other methods to manage my morning sickness. Read this post here on how I coped.  



As a first time soon to be mom, I wanted to document as much of this pregnancy as possible and also save it for my future child. 


I browsed Etsy for a few hours and decided on this one for $49.27 after tax and shipping. The book seemed detailed enough with important things to document, but not overwhelming with too much space to fill in. I also liked that I could customize the cover with our baby’s name. 


Not too bad from an ex shopaholic and emotional spender. Each purchase was well thought out on my end. Do you have any recommendations for what I need during pregnancy? Love to hear your recommendations in the comments or you can DM me on Instagram @sereinwu





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