First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms Serein Wu
First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms Serein Wu
First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms Serein Wu

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms 

As someone who tries really hard to stay as healthy as possible to avoid feeling icky or sick, morning sickness was one of my biggest fears when it came to first trimester pregnancy symptoms and of course I got it. 


Morning Sickness and Nausea 

While I don’t believe I had it as bad as many, I did struggle. It just hit me around the end of week 5 this constant queasy feeling. I even had an iron metal taste in my mouth that reminded me of all the times I was sick sick. Not to mention the strange food and smell aversions I suddenly had. 


How I Coped

Eucalyptus Spray

I made this simple eucalyptus spray one day and I swear it’s the best thing I’ve done since finding out I’m pregnant. 


Fill an amber spray bottle with distilled water and 10-15 drops of eucalyptus essential oil, shake, and spray. I spray this around the house and all around myself throughout the day. My mixture doesn’t make it past 2 days, but if you plan to keep it around awhile keep it in the fridge. 


Preggie Pop Drops

If you read my First Pregnancy Purchase post, I shared these Preggie Pop Drops that are highly recommended among the pregnancy world. The tart sweet candies do help take my mind off of my nausea. Usually I save this for emergencies since I’m not a fan of refined sugars. 


Lemon Zevia

Caffeine free, tart, and bubbly this is my sipping drink of choice. Honestly anything lemon helps me feel better. Find it here


Saltine Crackers

My sweet friend sent me a care package with saltine crackers. I was feeling particularly queasy one night and decided to eat some, it was the first time something tasted and felt good to eat. I can’t tell you when the last time I had saltine crackers, but they were a Godsend and I keep a box by the bed ALWAYS now. 



Before my 5th week of pregnancy I ate red meat pretty consistently. In fact I craved it. Living a mostly ketogenic life the past 3 years, I had been living a carnivore diet the month prior to conceiving. So one day I woke up and the smell of meat disgusted me. The thought, look, taste, and smell all triggered my nausea. Chris cannot even make his food or my chicken in the house if I can smell it. 


How I Coped

The biggest change because of first trimester pregnancy symptoms was diet. I listened to my body and ate more chicken and seafood. Eggs were still appetizing so that was a plus because they are full of Choline which is important for the development of the baby. I did also increase my starch and carbohydrates because my body was craving them. 


Listen to your body and find the healthiest versions to satisfy your cravings. Leave room for a little wiggle if need be as well. 



Normally I have a pretty sensitive olfactory system to begin with, so my increase in this sense was noticeable. I can smell anything and everything from half a mile away. Not great for my morning sickness and nausea. 


How I Coped

Good news is that for the most part, our home is free of any toxic and synthetic chemicals, which tend to trigger headaches for me on a good day not pregnant. 


I purchased this carpet refresher to help with any pet odor and carpet smells. The eucalyptus spray I made also helps. If you chose to try the carpet refresher through Grove, use this link for a free gift set. I've been ordering my cleaning supplies from them for over 2 years now and highly recommend. They carry lots of toxic free products.


My skincare and makeup have already been pretty clean and fragrance free well before pregnancy, so I haven’t found a need to switch much due to this sense of smell first trimester pregnancy symptom. 



We are talking come 4pm I’m done for the day. The first few times this happened it hit me so hard it freaked Chris out.   


After an afternoon walk I came home and sat on the couch, which led to a nap that led to sleeping through the night. Chris tried to wake me up multiple times to see if I should eat, shower, or eat. I was out. 


How I Coped

I listened to my body despite how much I didn’t want to nap. While my busy brain wanted to get up and clean, workout, work, create content, organize, do anything, but “waste my day” I truly could not and had to listen to my body to rest. 


Naps became a part of my routine and I also allow myself to sleep in. 


While I still don’t fully feel pregnant as I write this, the symptoms are there and I can’t deny my body is changing. For me it’s hard to decide what I should alter from my normal routine right now. I’m doing my best to listen to my body and what it needs and also trying very hard to forgive myself. 


As a workaholic, taking naps, skipping workouts or responsibilities, it’s a constant battle in my mind. Just trying to figure it all out. 


Most of my mommy friends say that these symptoms will most likely pass soon and that the second trimester is the best. 


I hate wishing away any minute I have during this journey, but I can’t wait to feel less queasy and for some of these first trimester pregnancy symptoms to go away. 


Did you have any crazy symptoms? Tips on how to deal with them? Please share with us in the comments. 




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