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“1 in 8 Americans struggle with food insecurity” which means a total of “40 million Americans struggle with food insecurity” at least once throughout the course of a year. 

Food insecurity in the U.S. is a topic that I care deeply about. I’ve talked about Feeding America® on my YouTube Channel in the past and I am excited to share an important opportunity for us to all help make a difference while shopping for your groceries this month.

food insecurity Walmart Feeding America

Small Action Can Make a BIG Impact

I’m excited to partner with  Walmart in partnership with Feeding America®.  Walmart’s “Fight Hunger: Spark Change” Campaign allows us the opportunity to participate in helping to secure a meal for those struggling with food insecurity in this country.

For every participating product purchased at Walmart from now until May 20th, the manufacturer will donate $0.10 to Feeding America®  - enough to secure at least 1 meal on behalf of local food banks.

The best part of this campaign is that many of the items are part of our grocery list already! No better time to pack a picnic, throw a party, and have guests over.

food insecurity Walmart Feeding America
food insecurity Walmart Feeding America

Picnic With My Favorites

I decided to visit my local Walmart to shop the “Fight Hunger: Spark Change” items for a nice midday picnic. Watch my IG Stories to see how easy it is!

Working from home, it can get a little repetitive and stifling. Taking a midday break and having lunch at a park seemed like the perfect way to change up a routine.

We’ve switched to sugar free sparkling waters like Bubly Sparkling Water in Lime. Nice and refreshing with no guilt. Make sure to bring your reusable straws too!

Hidden Valley Original Ranch 24oz. is a favorite dressing since childhood. We love using it as a rich creamy dip for raw veggies, like broccoli.

Now I was very excited to find that Kraft Deluxe Original Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese Dinner was apart of the campaign. A childhood comfort food and perfect for a picnic lunch. I could eat this all day. Throw in a can of tuna for protein and you’ve got a filling and comforting meal.

food insecurity Walmart Feeding America
food insecurity Walmart Feeding America
food insecurity Walmart Feeding America
food insecurity Walmart Feeding America


Purchase a participating item at a Walmart store or at to help secure a meal through Feeding America for families in need.

There are so many participating items, I encourage you to keep an eye out for the “Fight Hunger: Spark Change” logo when you shop. Remember you have till May 20th!

Find out more details HERE.




food insecurity Walmart Feeding America

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    May 25, 2019 / 7:26 pm

    Good job Serein!

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