Happiness is a Bow and a Bone


I’ve been pretty busy lately, so busy that I haven’t even taken my dog to the groomers. Her hair had gotten a little crazy. She started to look like a little 4 lb lion.  This week I made an appointment to take Dolly to the groomers. While she was there, I’d take a yoga class and breath.
Before groomers
When I got her back they had put these cutes bows in her hair. This was a first, normally they just tie an adorable handkerchief around her neck that gets torn off the second she gets home and plays with her brother.
The grooming and the bows made Dolly look like a doll. She was adorable. She seemed to even know that she was more adorable then normal. She ran around the house all happy and wagging her little butt. It must feel good to be able to see and not have all that hair in her way, plus it’s been really hot lately in the valley, so I’m sure the shorter hair was appreciated.
After Groomers
This got me thinking about if animals really do know how cute they are? Of course not, but I bet they feel good after a much needed bath and good brushing. I bet that they sense how cute they are by how humans react to them. I know that when I get a haircut I feel better. For one thing I can see again because my bangs get trimmed out of my eyes. Having someone massage your head as they wash your hair is fantastic too and of course it’s always great to hear the complements of your new do.
Check out my cool bows
While animals don’t know how cute they are, they feel good by all the complements and attention they get from us. It’s amazing to watch my dogs soak up the attention from me, my fiancé, or even a complete stranger. Why don’t we allow ourselves to truly enjoy the attentions given sometimes? I think it’s a fear of accepting a complement because it might be true or maybe we don’t want to seem conceded or vain. What’s wrong with taking care of yourself to feel good and accepting the compliments? We groom ourselves to feel good, so soak it up.
Dry Bars have been popping up all over lately, which is a great idea. If you don’t have time for a cut or can’t afford a trim every 4 weeks, why not treat yourself to a blow out? They offer wine and a great head massage as your shampooed and your hair looks great for a few days if you can manage to not wash it.
My dogs are some of the happiest creatures and I really think it’s because they can take a complement and soak up the admiration. Nothing makes Dolly happier than a bone and a bow, the bone for her personal pleasure, the bow because of the attention it brings.

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