How To Extend the Life of False Eyelashes!

How To Extend the Life of False Eyelashes!
My friend Sarah recently told me her little trick for making her false eyelashes last for 3 to 4 uses. She is an amazing singer and actress and works as an equity performer, so she wears her eyelashes up to 8 times a week with an allowance of one new set a week. 
While most of her co-stars end up having to buy more, hers just keep on going! This is how she does it:
First she cuts her full set in half and creates 2 sets (you can skip this if you prefer full lashes, but I find that I prefer half lashes anyways since they feel and look better)
After each use she soaks them in equal parts water and rubbing alcohol, about 1 tbs. each.
Soak over night.
In the AM gently pull the glue (now soft) off.
Pat lashes dry
Separate and brush the lashes with an eyebrow brush. 
Form back into the plastic packaging to dry. 
So easy! 
Check out Sarah’s website 
Her youtube channel

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