How Vera Wang Taught Me To Savor The Moment

Live in the moment and the pleasure of things before it’s gone. This past weekend I had the pleasure of helping a good friend shop for her wedding dress. A part of me was a little worried that I wouldn’t have fun because my dress experience was so stressful. I knew what my friend wanted and what she liked and what was her, so I started by making a few appointments. Unfortunately making dress appointments the week of is a little challenging. After making the appointments I called my sister to confirm with her that these places were going to give my friend the treatment she deserved. My sister had been to every dress place in Southern California at this point and said they would be good.

I got up early for a Saturday and headed to Costa Mesa to meet my friend. The whole way I was nervous, what if she hated this place, what if the experience won’t be fun, what if we can’t find anything? What if?! Then she called, she was already there, but I couldn’t find the place and it was already 10am!  How is it that I always get lost? She, the bride talked me to the correct shopping center and I relaxed. Seeing her happy face, I took a breath; she is excited and always positive, so why shouldn’t I be. She’s not going to blame me if she doesn’t have a good time, I hope.
We enter the fancy bridal shop, with beautiful chandeliers and a calm aura. The wonderful personal shopper was kind, attentive, asked all the right questions, and was super sweet to my friend. I relaxed. She was whisked away into a room full of Vera and Monique. I knew she would be happy with her friends.
I however was left with a few Newport Beach housewives, who could have used a little less Botox and filler and a little more humanity and class. I always forget how money can’t buy style or class; instead they had plenty of snobbery and pseudo wealth.
Then my friend came out in her first dress. She was stunning and beautiful. She looked romantic and very ballerina like, just like she envisioned. Words can’t do her image justice. The whole day was fun from there on out. We spent 2 hours trying on dresses, and then went to have lunch and purchase shoes for my wedding. We ended the day with another bridal shop that was just as accommodating and spent another 2 hours playing dress up.
The whole day made me realize you only get one of these days. You only get to be a bride once (at least for the first time). This experience can only happen once. So why not savor every moment good or bad, enjoy the pleasures that the experience has to offer because it will never happen again. Even if my friend tries on the dress again at another store, that first dress she ever put on at the first store is the first wedding dress she has ever seen herself in.
Lately I’ve been overwhelmed with starting my own business, planning my wedding, and a baby shower, that I’m not enjoying the process anymore. There has been more stress and frustration with everything then pleasure. So I’m going to remember the day I saw my friend in a Vera Wang wedding dress and savor the moment. Because once a moment has passed, it’ll never happen again.  Time is so precious and I spend so much of it in a cloud of anxiety.

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