I’m On AOL.COM Today!

So something pretty cool happened today, I found out my intro video from Allure Beauty Blogger Awards is on AOL.COM as well! Check it out!

I was getting my nails done when I took this screen capture on my phone
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m one of 10 finalist for the Allure Beauty Blogger Awards of 2014. It’s all very exciting and surreal to me that it’s all happening. I kind of feel like the under dog with the least subscribers and being the newbie among the 10 finalists. Everyone is so talented and offers a lot the the competition. 
It’s truly a blessing to be a part of this whole journey, but I really hope I get to stay in the game long enough to share with everyone a few of my challenges I did. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard and fast on posting things! 

you can visit the site to view all challenges each week and vote! Voters get a chance to win weekly prizes and a grand prize trip to Mexico!!! So go vote for me! 

I still can’t believe it! I’m seriously so grateful to everyone who has supported me near and far. The support has made me continue blogging and vlogging when I doubted myself or thought that my passions where not valid enough. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!


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