It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation Review

This blog post is about the new It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation + Skincare.


As a long time fan of It Cosmetics I was very excited to try the new It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation + Skincare. For me the brand always does great things when it comes to complexion products. For years I was a loyal It Cosmetics CC + SPF 50 and Bye Bye Under Eyes convert. 

it cosmetics your skin but better foundation + skincare review

First Impressions of It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation

My initial first impressions of the foundation were pretty good. Lightweight and comfortable to wear all day even on a hot day. I found the foundation to be light to medium coverage. Shade match was decent. 

After a sweaty and long wear test I did notice patching spots, but it could be caused by my struggle with finding a setting powder I like right now. 

First Impression Foundation Review


While I still enjoy the foundation as an everyday light coverage, it’s not without its flaws. For starters, I probably need a shade darker. 

The patching continued on and off and I wasn’t sure what to do about it. It seems to not work with my skin and powder, but if I don’t powder it’ll wear off faster. 

I enjoy the lightweight feel and the coverage is light which is perfect for everyday. However I don’t think I’d repurchase this or buy it myself after testing for a full 10 days. 

There’s nothing too special about it. My skin didn’t look better or worse after continued use of the foundation, so I’m not sure how much of the “ + skincare” really matters. The Exa foundation seems to do a better job of coverage, longevity, and skincare benefits for me. I also prefer the versatility of the Exa foundation. 

Overall I don’t have any issue with the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation, but I also don’t have anything special to say about it.

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It Cosmetics your skin but better foundation Serein Wu

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