Keep-It-Anchored – Reduce Daily Hair Loss

This blog post is about Keep It Anchored and how it reduces daily hair loss by helping you keep the hair you have.

Keep-It-Anchored - Reduce Daily Hair Loss

Cruelty free,  paraben free, root anchoring, and clinically proven to help you keep the hair you have. Keep It Anchored is a four step system formulated for men and women to help strengthen the hair at the root to reduce daily hair loss. 

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The Promise

Products promise to refresh your scalp and strengthen your hair roots to provide fuller hair by calming oxidative stress at the scalp. 

After a six month clinical study it was found that those using Keep-It-Anchored treatment had approximately 2400 more hairs on their scalp compared to those using placebos. 

Clinical study information taken from Keep It Anchored website.

keep it anchored stop hair loss Serein Wu
keep it anchored stop hair loss

The Game Changer

The key to success is reducing your scalp's daily oxidative stress therefor the hair anchor blend is the hero with a combination of antioxidants to reduce daily hair loss caused by environmental stressors such as UV rays, pollution, and moisture. 

Common treatments for hair loss use minoxidil and finasteride, which are proven effective through biochemical pathways to boost the hair growth cycle. While other more natural approaches often use essential oils and supplements that have not been proven effective. Keep It Anchored wanted to find a middle ground. Something to help reduce excessive hair loss that’s proven effective, but without the side effects of the biological route. 

What Is The Hair-Anchor Blend?

Scalp oxidative stress is a cause of daily hair loss, so the solution was to focus on calming the stress on the scalps surface. 

Clinical research proved Keep-It-Anchored’s antioxidant blend of technologies can calm a stressed scalp to strengthen hair at the root and ultimately reduce daily hair loss. 

keep it anchored stop hair loss

The Ingredient

The main active ingredients in the hair anchor blend are:

Antioxidant Salts (Piroctore Olamire) 

Fights free radicals, calms the scalp from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress comes from the environment such as UV rays, pollution, moisture, things we all encounter on a daily basis. 

Mineral Zinc (Zinc Pyrithione) 

Helps improve the condition of the scalp skin by restoring natural balance. 

B-Vitamins: B3 and B5 (Niacinamide and Panthenol)

Known to improve skin's barrier and health. 

The Products

Keep It Anchored has 4 products specifically formulated for either men or women. Each product is formulated to help the hair anchor blend be as effective as possible and when used together offer maximum results. 

keep it anchored pre-cleanse


Used before shampoo, this product is purifying the scalp’s pores before applying the hair anchor blend. By purifying the scalp and removing build up, it lets the antioxidants so their job.

keep it anchored conditioner


Formulated with zinc and B-Vitamins the conditioner adds an extra layer of hair loss defense by strengthening hair against loss from breakage.

keep it anchored hair anchoring blend

Shampoo and Leave-In Treatment

Both contain the hair anchor blend to combat oxidative stress at the scalp.

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keep it anchored Serein Wu
keep it anchored stop hair loss results
keep it anchored hair loss results
keep it anchored review

Keep-It-Anchored Review

After testing the products for a few weeks, I have to say I was impressed. When I was first approached by the brand, I was skeptical at how effective the products would be. 

With a history of thinning hair, experiencing hair loss in my early 30’s, and dealing with postpartum hair loss, I’ve seen it all, but Keep It Anchored kept its promise.

Within the first week I noticed less hair loss after washing and brushing. By week two my hair was fuller and thicker. To be honest I was shocked at how well the products work. 

How I Use It

I wash my hair every other day and since receiving the products I have exclusively been using Keep It Anchored. 

At each wash I start with the pre cleanse followed by shampoo and conditioner. Once my hair has been towel dried for a bit, I’ll apply the leave-in and style as normal. 

I really enjoy the easy to use dispenser for the leave-in treatment and that the leave-in treatment does not affect my hair style. There’s no residue or strange feeling from the leave-in. 

Is Keep-It-Anchored Right For You?

These products are not harmful and can be used by anyone concerned with hair loss or thinning hair. It should be used at the first signs. 

Remember the products are intended to reduce hair loss from oxidative stress which we all have. If you are experiencing hair loss from hormonal shifts, the products do not regrow hair, but it can help you keep the hair you have and are growing. 

For me, this is important as I regrow my postpartum hair loss. I want to prevent daily hair loss and strengthen the roots of my new hair and the hair I already have. 

Bonus, my scalp feels amazing! As someone who deals with excessive oil, build up, and scalp issues, Keep-It-Anchored has improved my overall scalp condition and it feels better.

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  1. Anu Koduri
    December 21, 2021 / 4:16 pm

    I live in Hyderabad India. Where in India do I buy them, if I shop online will they deliver it to India/

  2. Kathleen M Fox
    November 3, 2021 / 11:08 am

    The Keep it anchored company could not answer if I could continue to use Rogaine with this product. Do you know if it is safe to do that?

    • Serein Wu
      November 3, 2021 / 2:55 pm

      unfortunately I do not have the answer. Did you contact them directly?

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