Lashify Review – DIY Lash Extensions

This blog post is an honest Lashify Review, an at home DIY lash extensions kit. 

I dream of fluttery long lashes that make me look like an anime character, but I have short thin natural lashes. So when I discovered lash extensions I fell in love and found it in my budget to get them consistently for over a year (thanks to my no buy year). Then covid-19 happened and my poor lash extensions fell out and left me with baby lashes. 

Since it didn’t look like lash extensions would happen for me in the near future, I decided to try an at home DIY lash extensions kit from Lashify. This is my honest Lashify review with tips on how to get the most out of your Lashify DIY lash extensions.

lashify review diy lash extentions Serein Wu
lashify review diy lash extensions Serein Wu
Lashify review DIY lash Extensions Serein Wu
lashify review
diy lash extensions lashify


Before we get started on the Lashify review, here is what Lashify claims (via click here). 

Luxe, salon-quality lashes that you can apply yourself in minutes. Too good to be true? It's not. Welcome to the Lashify Life. Our goal is to empower women to take control of their own beauty with our revolutionary, patented system. Our products fit any eye shape and are made for every ethnicity - as long as you have a few natural lashes you can create your own custom lash look in no time.

This innovative hybrid lash system combines the gentleness and flexibility of strip lashes with the luxe, beautiful lash extension look made possible by our one-of-a-kind Gossamers®. These weightless, invisible, silk fibers are designed to melt with your lashes and can be stacked to create infinite lash looks. Your stripping days are officially over, get ready to die for Lashify.


Watch my first impression review of Lashify. How easy was it to use out of the box.

lashify review diy lash extentions Serein Wu

For my initial Lashify review, I was very happy with the outcome. Now it was about how long it would last. My first set of DIY lash extensions lasted about 2 days. Not long enough for my liking. Therefore  I went into a deep dive on how to make these DIY lash extensions last as long as possible.


While I continue to love the way Lashify DIY lash extensions look on me, I definitely wanted them to last longer than 2 days. Another concern of mine is how many times can I reuse the lashes/ gossamers? Because it needs to be cost effective for me to continue the habit. 


PROS of Lashify

  • Relatively affordable compared to professional lash extensions
  • Easy to apply (short learning curve)
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Convenient at home application and maintenance
  • No lash damage
  • Makes me happy


CONS of Lashify

  • Way more delicate than professional lash extensions
  • Must do it yourself
  • Learning curve
  • Addicting
  • Not as long lasting as professional lash extensions


Lashify review DIY Lash Extensions Serein Wu
lashify review diy lash extensions Serein Wu


After watching hours of tutorials, making another Lashify order, and 4 more DIY lash extensions applications, I have found the perfect technique for my lifestyle. With this technique I’ve managed to make my DIY lash extensions last up to 5 days with a few minor touch ups. 

First things first, you must prep your eye area and lashes for the longest lasting wear. I bought their pre cleanse just to make life easier. You can use a micellar water that is oil free and glycerine free. 

Next I apply whisper light in black through the lashes and let set. Once it’s tacky, I apply another coat of whisper light black to the base of my lashes. As this coat gets tacky, I apply whisper light clear on my gossamers. 

If there is any clumping, I take a clean spooly and comb through my natural lashes. 

Once the whisper light turns clear on the gossamer, I start to apply the lashes to the base of my under lashes working from the outer corner in. When I’m happy with the placement, I fuse my lashes and seal with glass. 


Maintenance Is key for long wear. I avoid any oils near my eyes. To remove makeup and clean the eye area I use the pre cleanse from Lashify. 

To maintain cleanliness, I carefully remove any makeup with a q tip dipped in pre cleanse. Using a spooly I dip that in pre cleanse and carefully brush through the gossamers. In the mornings I repeat the cleaning to remove any oil build up overnight. 

I fuse my lashes before bed and seal with a fresh coat of glass. When I wake up I also gently fuse my gossamers. 

By taking extra care I’ve managed to get up to 5 days of wear. Depending on the week, I may lose a gossamer overnight (probably because I’m sleeping on my side thanks to pregnancy), but it’s pretty easy to pop back on as I do my makeup.

Watch my IGTV live demo of applying a fresh set of lashes. 

Lashify review DIY Lash Extentions


Here is my biggest gripe with the product. While I LOVE the Amplified Gossamer, they are by far the most fragile and after 5 days of wear, they start to fall apart. However if you take off the Amplifeied Gossamer at around 2 days you can clean with alcohol and re-use. 

With the Bold Gossamer I’ve been able to clean and re-use at least twice after a 5 day wear which makes them more bang for your buck. 

My favorite natural looking lash is still using the Amplified Gossamer, which is why I’ve joined the membership program. The Lashify membership allows me to purchase gossamers at 50% off and other products at a discounted price. 



So do I recommend Lashify? For those looking for an at home DIY lash extensions kit, yes. You will need to put a little time in to learn what technique works best for you, but it’s worth the trial and error. 

Before Lashify I was spending about $80 every 3 weeks on lash extension fills. Now I spend $40 a month on gossamer refills and maybe another $50 every few months for glue and cleanser refills. Will update on when I run out of the glue. 

What I really enjoy about Lashify is how therapeutic it is for me right now. Sitting down and appling my lashes is soothing. I also like that I can take them off easily and reapply depending on my schedule. 

For example if I was testing out a new mascara, I can easily pop off the gossamer extensions and do my job. 

Does this mean I won’t ever get professional lash extensions again? No. In fact I know once the baby arrives and it’s safe for me to visit my lash lady, I’ll be back, but I’m enjoying Lashify right now in this season of life. 


Have you tried Lashify? What are your thoughts and tips? 





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Lashify review diy lash extensions Serein Wu
diy lash extensions Lashify


  1. kelli
    October 6, 2020 / 5:10 pm

    Ahh!! You read my mind. I was just thinking of getting these. I have a 20 month old, work and life so i no longer have time to lay in a chair for an hour every 3-4 weeks. But i miss my extensions..had them for 2+ years straight. It would be helpful to have someone else do them for me, but….

    Thank you for the many options out there now.

    • Serein Wu
      October 7, 2020 / 7:40 pm

      Hi Kelli-
      So hippy you found this post helpful! I just keep loving my lashes more and more and I do love the flexibility of being able to remove them for filming or as needed. Hope you enjoy your at home extensions!

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