Louboutin Blue

If you’ve been reading or watching my blog or youtube channel for a bit, you’d know the whole story about my wedding shoes which happen to be blue Christian Louboutin’s. When they came out with the Louboutin Rouge polish this summer I immediately purchased the pricey polish. Read post here.

When shopping awhile back, my Hubs and I found the perfect shade of blue that represented my wedding shoes from the collection. I wanted, but held off.

For Christmas this year, Hubs really wanted to get this for me, sadly it was sold out so he did the next best thing, got me a Sephora gift card and I was able to go pick it up myself the day after Christmas plus a few other goodies. See What I Got For Christmas here.

Watch the vlog where I purchase this beauty and get a peek of the beautiful display of all the polishes.

Christian Louboutin Polish in Wherever 


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