Lululemon Holiady Gift Guide

This blog post is a Lululemon Holiday Gift Guide for the person in your life that loves luxury, comfort, and quality. 

Prefer a spreadsheet? Click here to view my spreadsheet for all the pieces with prices and links.

Lululemon Holiday Gift Guide

wearing half zip scuba hoodie and high-waist groove pant

Lululemon Holiday Gift Guide

Why dedicate a whole post for a Lululemon Holiday Gift Guide? Because after years of trying different activewear and loungewear, I always go back to my trusty Lululemon Align Leggings. You can try to dupe them all you want, nothing comes close to the true Lululemon Align Leggings. 

From fit to longevity I’m a forever fan of these pricey, but worth it leggings. As far as style lulu has been killing it from the half zip scuba hoodie to my current favorite sweater that’s reversible. 

Lululemon has a way of designing stylish, comfortable pieces that also is functional. 

Ever need an emergency hair tie? Lulu’s got you covered with a hidden one on all zippers. Worried about losing a key? There’s typically a small snug pocket within a pocket in the design. 

These are just a few of my favorite functional design features from the brand.

Lululemon Holiday Gift Guide For Her

Lululemon Holiday Gift Guide
Lululemon Holiday Gift Guide

Lululemon Holiday Gift Guide For Him

It Lasts

The best part about Lululemon pieces is that they stand behind the performance and longevity of their products. Rarely do I have an issue with a purchase, however if I do it is always resolved quickly. 

In over a decade of purchasing from them, I can think of 2 times where I had a quality issue. Once the zipper on a knit jacket kept catching, so I took it in and they replaced the zipper. The issue kept happening and they replaced the jacket immediately. 

Recently a pair of my beloved Align leggings started pilling pretty intently and these were barely 2 years old. Most of my Align leggings last many years before signs of wear and tear. No questions asked, they replaced my leggings right then and there. 

Style, Comfort, Functionality = Perfect Gift

For all the reasons above, I love Lululemon and it’s all I want to wear 80% of the time. From workouts to daily life, I’m happy in my Lulu. Therefore I love gifting pieces to friends and family and why I made this Lululemon Holiday Gift Guide. Most of the picks I already own and would always love to have more. 

Even my basic t-shirts I am starting to replace with Lululemon pieces because of the longevity and quality of them. 

The pieces I picked out for him are things I’m eyeing for Chris or my brother. So maybe you can think of this as a Lululemon Holiday Gift Guide or a peek inside my personal shopping list this season. 

You can usually catch me wearing my pieces on TikTok or Instagram

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Lululemon Holiday Gift Guide

wearing ribbed like a cloud longline bra

Lululemon Holiday Gift Guide

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