My Winter Skincare Must Haves

My skin is combination oily. I get very oily on my nose and dry patches on my chin if I’m not careful. 
Come winter time, my skin goes into crazy mode. It’s not sure what it is, it’s dry, irritated, and oily. 
Many people don’t understand that oily skin needs moisture and so does dry skin especially in the winter time. Here are my current go to skin savers at the moment, mostly oil based. 
Oil! Yes OIL! Especially if you are oily, oil can be your best friend. For my oily skin people, your skin over produces oil because it thinks it needs it. That’s why you can be dry and oily at the same time. 
By using a high quality oil, like the Coco Kind facial repair serum pictured above on your skin, you tell your oily skin that you don’t need to produce so much and also hydrate at the same time. 
Many of my viewers have been commenting on how glowing and healthy my skin looks, it’s because of oil. I apply this oil based serum day and night before my moisturizer. At night I use a cleanse off oil (currently using one from coco kind) to remove all my makeup and dirt. Oil is great at removing stubborn makeup. 
During the day I just use a cleansing water on a cotton pad, then apply a toner, and this amazing oil to refresh my skin. The best part is the coco kind  facial repair serum is only $12! 

I’ve also been using body oils after my shower. I like the Aromatherapy Associates De- Stress Massage & Body oil which makes me feel relaxed. The packaging is so luxurious and beautiful too. During the day or when I’m in a hurry I’ll use my Avene Body Oil, this one is great for travel since it’s in a plastic bottle.

Now my hair has been colored and bleaches, so after any heat styling I like to bring back shine with this Agave Revitalizing Shine Spray. A little goes a long way and boy does it smell amazing! Start from the ends and work your way up.

My lips have been just as dry as the rest of my body and this does not work well with the bold red lips I like to wear this time of year. My go to lip scrub for a few years now has been Lush’s Santa’s Lip Scrub. It smells like cherry cola and tastes great! 

After my lip scrub and before headed to bed I like to apply a very heavy lip mask or lip balm. Currently i’m suing the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. It’s super think and hydrating, but smells a bit like tires. Also my husband hates the texture of this, but he loves the way my lips feel in the morning.

Lastly I like to use a exfoliating and hydrating mask once or twice a week. My current favorite is from SkinFoods. If you watch my vlogmas video you would have seen me shop at the SkinFood store in Glendale. This Black Sugar Honey Mask smells divine. It gently exfoliates and hydrates my skin at the same time. My skin feels amazing and plump after using this. 
One more tip before heading off to bed, this is a trick I learned from my voice teachers in collage, but alway sleep with a humidifier next to your head. The steam is great for your sinuses, vocal cords, and skin. I use a warm mist one in the winter time. 
Stay hydrated this season!

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