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Lately, I’ve been consumed with ingredients and what the mass market has been throwing into our skincare products for decades. Like our food, many of the ingredients in our products are not necessary, are fillers, and can be harmful to our health when overly exposed to them.  If you have been following me the last few months, you might have noticed a shift towards natural skincare products. I have eliminated mineral oils and petrochemicals from my skincare products and most recently, I have started to avoid alcohol in my products as well. Unfortunately, with all the natural skincare options out there, there are a lot of misconceptions and false marketing. Most recently a viewer of mine asked about Aveeno products. She thought it was a cleaner, natural skincare line.

My husband is an avid user of Aveeno and I have been for years as well, but it is not natural. The marketing of Aveeno would lead you to believe it is cleaner than the other competitors on the shelf. It is not. While I avoid mineral oils, petrochemicals, and alcohol as much as possible in my skincare, there is a time and place for everything. I try my best with sticking to natural skincare, but I am not opposed to chemicals from time to time. You have to educate yourself on why an ingredient is used and where you draw the line. As always find what works for you.

Today’s blog post features, True Botanicals, an all natural skincare brand. True Botanicals focuses on skincare for the cellular level by delivering the highest-impact ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin where they are needed the most. True Botanicals helps fight the signs of aging with natural ingredients. The all natural skincare brand focuses on high quality natural ingredients that are safe, clean, and effective. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and whatever we use on our skin gets absorbed into our bodies. I like to keep this in mind when I choose my products. I have been playing with three products from True Botanicals and they have been kind enough to offer a giveaway for my readers. True Botanicals Natural Skincare Giveaway

Enter The Natural Skincare Giveaway

Skincare can be pricey, but definitely worth the investment. I always recommend investing in skincare because good skin doesn’t need as much makeup, so you’ll save there! High-quality natural and effective skincare can be pricey. This is because the brands take great care in sourcing the ingredients and manufacturing and producing the products.

If you are based in the U.S. and have an Instagram account, this is a great opportunity to try a quality natural skincare line. You can enter the giveaway here. Please read carefully all the entry options as well as the terms and conditions.
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True Botanicals Products

My favorite product of the three I have tried is the True Botanicals Topical Vitamin C Treatment. This is one of the most unique and potent vitamin c treatments I’ve had a chance to play with. Each dose is in a capsule. This keeps it fresh until it is ready for use. When ready to use, break open the capsule and mix it with any of your current serums or facial oils. The True Botanicals Facial Oil is a lightweight, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory oil, perfect for sensitive skin. I like to use this oil for the daytime because it helps calm any redness I might have.

Vitamin C is an amazing ingredient for sun damage, age spots, and reducing fine lines. Vitamin C is one of my favorite skincare ingredients, especially for the sun damage and discoloration from breakout scars on my skin.
True Botanicals Topical Vitamin C Treatment
true botanics facial oil Topical vitamin c treatment natural skincare

Exfoliation is important for skin health, but in the U.S. we like to over exfoliate. The True Botanicals Exfoliating Moisture Mask is a great option to use 1 to 2 times a week because it exfoliates, but also hydrates the skin. Exfoliation helps the skin shed and turn over new cells. This is important for all skin types if you want a radiant complexion. I found this treatment to be effective, yet gentle enough to use on sensitive skin. Perfect if you do not want to over exfoliate or dry out your skin. I also love the way this smells.

True Botanicals natural skincare exfoliating moisture mask

Have you found that you are sensitive or allergic to any ingredients? I’d love to hear about your skincare and what you try to avoid.




  1. Barb C.
    November 12, 2016 / 9:39 pm

    I love learning about new products, you always give us such great information.about each product. Great blog so well done Serein.?oxox…

  2. August 3, 2016 / 1:23 pm

    Serein, congratulations again for winning Tati’s giveaway, a well deserved win indeed! I’m surprised to learn about Aveeno…oh gosh, I’m under the impression that they are cleaner, more natural and better than the other drugstore brands too. Do you have a recommendation then? We are using solely Aveeno body wash in our home. What about St. Ives?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Serein Wu
      August 8, 2016 / 5:37 pm

      Hi Shireen! Thank you so much, it’s been such an incredible experience and very overwhelming. Hard work does pay off! I’m not sure about St. Ives, I do know EOS is petrochemical free and Dermae as well.

    • Serein Wu
      July 23, 2016 / 6:33 pm

      Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

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