New Workout Clothes Summer 2022

This blog post is about new workout clothes summer 2022 featuring some of my favorite activewear brands Lululemon, Alo, and Vuori.

New Workout Clothes Summer 2022

It's high time I revamped my fitness wear with some new workout clothes for the summer. After doing a closet clean out, I realized most of my workout clothes were from years ago long before pregnancy and postpartum. While I adore some of the pieces I've collected over the years, they no longer fit in a way that makes me feel good.

After a lifelong problem with emotional spending, I did a year long no buy to help work on my habits around shopping. However this can often cause guilt and anxiety when I do need to purchase. There's a fine line between me shopping for items I need that will bring me continued joy and shopping for the joy of the dopamine dump.

Therefore I rather spend a week or two gathering new workout clothes summer 2022 in one go than browsing over months. Personally I find that while I spend a good chunk of money at once, if I'm happy with my new purchases I can avoid shopping knowing I have everything I need, love, and enjoy at home.

New Workout Clothes Summer 2022 Try On Haul

Shop Everything I Bought

lululemon align high rise short with pockets 6″
lululemon align onsie 8″
Lululemon free to be serene bra
Lululemon Wunder Under Short 6″
lululemon align tank top
lululemon flow Y nulu bra
lululemon align high rise pant 25
goddess ribbed high waist hot short
Alo seamless ribbed bra
lululemon high rise 6″ shorts
vuori torrey romper
vuori sun washed short

Make It Work For You

Do you workout multiple times a week? How often do you do laundry? What are your non-negotiables when it comes to workout clothes? These are the three main questions you should ask yourself before investing in athletic-wear. Why? because if you don't workout often, there's no need to spend money on your workout clothes or you won't need as many pieces.

My main concerns when it comes to athetic-wear are:

Does it make me feel good?

Will it wick away sweat and dry quickly?

How long will it last me/ cost per wear.

Because I workout three to five days most weeks and sweat a lot, I know I will get use out of each piece. It's important that the fabric is breathable, moisture wicking, and feels good. Having cute workout outfits get's me excited to workout and boosts my confidence. For my lifestyle it's worth it.


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  1. Dani
    October 4, 2022 / 2:45 pm

    Hello! I would love to see a fall version im always keeping my eyes out for the best leggings to work out in! Like what’s ur go to brand?! I’m more of a cheap and effective person 🙂 thank you!

    • Serein Wu
      October 21, 2022 / 9:34 pm

      Fall/ Winter version coming very soon!

  2. August 3, 2022 / 5:52 am

    Hi! I guess it is okay to revamp the fitness wear whenever we feel it’s required to keep an environment-friendly approach. A very good point mentioned in the blog which I felt elated to read was avoiding shopping when u know you have everything required. And good information was provided regarding the active wear that they should be sweat-wicking & we should see how long will they last.

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