Non-consumable Gifts – Holiday Gift Guide 2021

This blog post is about non-consumable gifts for holiday 2021.

What are non-consumable gifts? Anything that doesn’t require a physical item. Why would we consider non-consumable gifts for the holidays? It’s a great way to minimize our carbon footprint and focus on giving experiences or enriching the receiver’s life beyond just the holiday season. 

Bonus they also make great last minute gifts!

The holidays can be filled with stress, obligation, and mindless spending. Gifting should come from the heart and not out of obligation, but oftentimes we feel obligated to give and end up spending on a gift that ends up in the landfill soon after the holidays. By giving non-consumable experiences it helps lower the waste. 

Non-consumable Gifts -  Holiday Gift Guide 2021 

In an effort to minimize waste and the materialistic mindset, here are some fun holiday gift guide recommendations for gifts that can continue to enrich the receiver's life long past the holidays. 

The Health Nut

This is a great idea for the person in your life looking to start a fitness routine or health journey. Oftentimes the push we need is someone giving us a gym membership or workout program like Alo Moves

I love Alo Moves because it has thousands of classes with 20 different styles. Easy to do at home workouts for all levels. You can choose from traditional yoga, strength training, pilates, barre, soundbaths, and meditation. The classes are easy to follow and beautifully produced. 

You can access the app or website on the go so it’s perfect for someone who has little time to head to a class and can be done while traveling or at home. 

Stressed and Tired 

Who isn’t stressed these days? Every year I renew my Calm app and My Fitness Pal. If you know someone who has a yearly subscription they use, it’s a great gift to offer to renew their subscription. 

I know I appreciate it! 

The Calm app was gifted to me a few years ago during the holidays and I actually have continued to purchase it each year. It has hundreds of guided meditations and sleepscapes and nap guides. Highly recommended. 

For The Bookworm

Thank goodness for the Kindle because otherwise I’d be buried alive in books. While the kindle can be a pricer gift, I recommend a kindle gift card for the bookworm in your life. My GoodReads account is full of books I want to read and while I use the Libby app to borrow ebooks, having a gift card to purchase a new book is always appreciated. 

The Chef 

Do you have a foodie or amature chef in your life? Give the gift of Butcher Box they are always running specials and offer members perks. Currently they are giving away a FREE 10 - 14 pound turkey with each new membership and offering $100 off over the next 5 months. Shop current promo here.

Home Chef is also another good option to give especially if you know someone expecting a baby. I know Chris and I really appreciated any food that was dropped off or sent to us during those first months as new parents.

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I am someone who loves to shop and give gifts, but I’ve also had to reign it in over the years. I hope these ideas spark your imagination and guide you to giving some non-consumable gifts this holiday season. 

I’ll be sharing my wishlist and a few consumable gift ideas with you over the next few weeks. Remember gifting is a choice and never an obligation. 

In case you need a little help reining back the spending this year, read HOW TO SHOP BLACK FRIDAY SALES RESPONSIBLY 

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