Parent’s Choice Diaper Review

The blog post is sponsored by Parent’s Choice. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This blog post is about Parent’s Choice Diapers available at Walmart. 

Parent's Choice Diapers Walmart Serein Wu

Parent's Choice Diapers Exclusive to Walmart

When I was first introduced to Parent’s Choice Diapers, I was skeptical. As a new mom I’ve tested out pretty much all the diapers available on the market and have my favorites. 

8 months in, I was hesitant to test a new brand because I know what we like and what works, but every penny saved is a penny earned. Plus, accessibility is important! So, after Parent’s Choice reached out to me for this campaign, we began the testing process for Parent’s Choice Dry and Gentle Baby Diapers. Shop diapers HERE.

Parent's Choice Diapers Walmart Serein Wu
Parent's Choice Diapers Walmart Serein Wu
Parent's Choice Diapers Walmart Serein Wu
Parent's Choice Diapers Walmart Serein Wu

Diaper Claims

All diapers these days seem to claim they are the best, so here is what Parent’s Choice Diapers say makes them stand apart. 

Product Information – See below for which of these features are my favorite!

  • DRYNOW™ Core absorbs liquid quickly and locks away moisture
  • Up to 12 hours of leakage protection
  • Made without natural latex, lotions, and perfumes
  • Dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and skin-friendly
  • Made from extra-soft and breathable materials that are both gentle and caring against your baby’s skin for ultimate comfort
  • Made with super stretchy materials that provide a gentle but snug fit to protect from leaks at the back, waist, and legs
  • Made with a JustRight™ Fit Guide so you know when you have the right size for your growing baby
    • When the tabs fasten comfortably in or over the blue JustRight™ zone, your baby is in the JustRight™ size.
    • When the tabs fasten in the white “next size” zone, it’s time to move your baby to the next size up.
  • Diaper wetness indicator that changes from yellow to blue, so you know when to change your baby’s diaper

A Mother’s Opinion on Parent’s Choice Diapers

I do say that these diapers live up to many of the claims and product descriptions. We’ve been using Parent’s Choice Dry and Gentle Baby Diapers for about 2 weeks at time of writing this blog post. 

The Positives


The most noticeable feature of Parent’s Choice Diapers is the fit. Finding the right fit diaper for your baby is key to avoiding blowouts, leaks, and supporting mobility and sleep. These diapers make finding the right fit easy. 

On top of an easy fit guide, the elastic band is very forgiving yet secure. We are also a HUGE fan of the tabs. Lilian is now 8 months old, super active, and pulls on her diaper during free play. Parent’s Choice Diapers fit just right and move with her. It also gives me peace of mind that she can’t unfasten the tabs herself. 

Leakage Protection

Parent’s Choice Dry and Gentle Baby Diapers offer serious leak protection thanks to the fit and absorbency. Upon first opening the diapers and feeling them, I immediately noticed how soft and light weight they are. 

We notice that Lilian doesn’t fuss even when the  diaper wetness indicator lets us know she is wet. This is important because we don’t have to rush to change her and we are able to save on the amount of diapers we use, which is great for our wallet and the environment. 

I’ll also mention that while we let her diaper get fully wet, she’s always dry and thanks to the skin-friendly materials used, they’re gentle and caring against her skin. Probably one of the most comfortable diapers we’ve tried for her. 

Great Materials

Especially for the price! Oftentimes, quality materials that are safe for the most sensitive skin are reserved for higher-priced diapers, but Parent’s Choice has found a way to provide your babies with super soft, skin-friendly materials with no fragrances or lotions at an affordable price. 

The Negatives

Honestly, I don’t have any negatives about these diapers. At first, I thought maybe they wouldn't be breathable like my designer diapers, but they proved me wrong. 

We had a very long eventful day that took us out from breakfast through early evening, and I was shocked at how Lilian did not fuss about needing a diaper change. Of course, we changed her when we noticed the diaper wetness indicator had turned blue and felt a little full, but having her feel comfortable while out and about gave us the opportunity to focus on spending time together as a family and enjoying the moment.

Final Thoughts

I really appreciate what Parent’s Choice Dry and Gentle Baby Diapers is doing for parents by providing affordable and accessible quality diapers made out of safe materials for our babies. We will for sure continue to use Parent’s Choice Dry and Gentle Baby Diapers.  

Parent's Choice Diapers Walmart Serein Wu

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