Play It Bold with Sigma


Recently Sigma contacted me and asked if I’d participate in their #PLAYBOLD tag and I was thrilled for the opportunity. Sigma has been a blogger supporter since the beginning and I’ve loved their brushes and brush cleaning glove. It’s not often I get to be tagged by a brand I truly enjoy and have followed used for a few years. You can watch the video tutorial here.


It’s rare for me to use bright color and very rare for me to use so much in one look, so this definitely was a challenge. I’m actually quite impressed with the shadows, blush, liner, and lippies sent to me. For the most part I tired to balance all the color by keeping my face and brows as natural as possible. No contouring or highlighting in this creation. PBBlog5

If you couldn’t guess from the hashtag, this challenge was all about bold bright colors. Sigma sent over some crazy pigmented bright shades and I set to ask in creating this colorful look. I’m quite pleased with how I did the eyes. The lips were really fun too, normally I would not wear both looks together, but sometimes we gotta just step out of our comfort zone and go bold.

Make sure to watch the video tutorial here.

Makeup is fun and sometimes I forget to just play with tons of color. Thank you Sigma for tagging me and sending over some of the products used to achieve this look.



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