Pregnancy Belly Week By Week

pregnancy belly week by week

This blog post is about my first pregnancy belly week by week transformation. 

When we found out I was pregnant Spring of 2020, I knew my body was about to go through something miraculous.  I wanted to document my pregnancy belly week by week. It wasn’t always easy and we might have missed a week or two, but I’m so happy we documented as much as we did. The female body is truly amazing. Hope you enjoy seeing the 9 month transformation as I grow a tiny human. 

Pregnancy Week By Week Transformation

A video compilation of my pregnancy belly week by week transformation with a special guest at the end.

Finding out I was pregnant during the beginning of Covid-19 was filled with mixed emotions. We obviously were grateful and so happy to be pregnant, but we were also very anxious about what it would mean. 

While my entire pregnancy and first few weeks as a mother have been under the cloud of Covid-19, I’m grateful to be here with a healthy baby. There have been many challenges along the way including prenatal depression, PUPPS, and a very long and complicated labor and delivery. I’ll be sharing more when I’m ready. 

For now I hope you enjoy seeing how truly amazing our bodies are. Women can grow an entire organ to support a tiny human that will be birthed at 40 weeks! My mind is still trying to wrap around this concept every time I look at our baby girl. Each day she changes and grows so fast and I'm amazed she was ever in me. She really is a little miracle.

pregnancy belly week by week transformation

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