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Serein Wu Aromatherapy Associates for Space NK

Today’s beauty post is all about the exclusive bath and shower oil from Aromatherapy Associates for Space NK. Aromatherapy Associates created an elegant mix of essential oils to enhance emotional, physical, and mental well being. When I heard about the release, I had to visit Space NK myself to experience this light and calming scent. Space NK has quickly become one of my favorite beauty havens in the last year. I adore the store decor, knowledgeable staff, high-quality, and unique collection of beauty products. I always hear such wonderful reviews about Aromatherapy Associates from British YouTubers and bloggers, but rarely get a chance to test them out myself. The scent is quite calming and light. I could not stop smelling it. The blend of essential oils help create a clear mind for your thoughts.

Serein Wu Aromatherapy Associates for Space NK

With the daily stresses we all deal with, among personal struggles, I’ve found myself talking more baths the last few months to just relax and decompress from my day. I find a bath and shower oil to be very luxurious and a perfect addition to any pamper routine. If you watch my YouTube channel, you would know that bath time is one thing that has kept me going though a very difficult time in our lives. It’s amazing how the mind is connected to the body and how much we have to take care of both. Sometimes we all need to take a moment for ourselves. I especially love the frosted glass bottle, it is a classic and would look beautiful in my bathroom.

Serein Wu Aromatherapy Associates for Space NK

From Space NK:

Aromatherapy Associates special blend of ingredients aims to nurture and revive your senses, relieve tension and restore balance. An expertly formulated combination of Coriander, Basil and Juniper soothes and cleanses, preparing the body and mind for the day ahead, while energizing extracts of Grapefruit, Eucalyptus and Peppermint will leave you feeling motivated and refreshed. In coconut oil base, Aromatherapy Associates bath & shower oils feature one of the highest concentration of essential oils on the market. 

Artisans in the field of aromatherapy, the British brand has been creating luxurious and therapeutic aromatherapy for over 30 years. The founding principle of the brand – to share its expertise on the true power and incredible effects of essential oils – beautifully mirrors Space NK’s message of beauty intelligence and discovery; bringing new experiences to life through innovative and effective products. 

To use: Add one capful to full bath or apply to torso, lower back and chest before showering. Each bottle contains enough for up to 20 bath or shower experiences. Follow with appropriate body wash and moisturizer, if required. 

Benefits to the body & skin: Essential oils are made up of very small molecules, which means they can easily bring their unique healing properties to every cell of the body. They are traditionally used to help ease muscular aches and pains, improve circulation and ease sinus congestion. Penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin encourages the process of cellular renewal, enhances blood circulation and helps problems such as eczema and aging skin. 

Effects on the mind: Linked to the areas of the brain governing instinct, memory and emotion, our sense of smell is the most primitive of our senses. Through the pathways between smell and the deep centers of the brain, essential oils can have a dynamic effect on our emotional state. They can help transform our moods and move us from one state of mind to another. 

Sensible cautions: Not recommended during pregnancy. Store in a box or away from light and heat. Once opened, best used within 6 months. 

$73 (55ml / 1.86 fl.oz) 

Aromatherapy Associates Open Space Bath And Shower Oil will be sold exclusively at Space NK stores and beginning in January 2016. 

Serein Wu Aromatherapy Associates for Space NK

Serein Wu Space NK Brentwood

What are some of your favorite “me time” products or activities? I am always looking for ideas, so please share in the comments!



All photos taken & edited by Chris Ledford from Ledford Creative

*special thanks to Space NK Brentwood for allowing us to shoot in store

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