Pulp Fiction Makeup By Urban Decay

When I saw the press release for Urban Decay’s new Pulp Fiction Collection, I died a little. Do I really need another neutral eyeshadow palette or red lipstick? YES. Yes I Do!

Just look at the kick ass packaging! Even the boxes are beautiful and tough.

Make sure to check out the in-depth review & tutorial on all 3 products on my youtube channel. Click Here to watch.

The quote on the packaging makes me happy every time I read it. Being a child of the late 80’s and 90’s Pulp Fiction holds a dear place in my heart. 

I was seriously suppressed at how large the mirror was and how useful it is. It doesn’t distort or anything. 

The shades are just so beautiful and so richly pigmented and creamy. Details of the shadows and swatches in my video.

The brush is actually really good for brow bone highlighting. 

This lipstick combination is classy and sexy all in one. My husband about freaked out when he saw me wearing this. It’s super creamy, hydrating, and lasts a really long time too.  The name Mrs. Mia Wallace is pretty awesome too. Who doesn’t want to be as cool as Mrs. Wallace?

Just beautiful right?! Even if your not a fan of Pulp Fiction, you can get the classic & sexy look with these really highly pigmented, beautiful to wear shades and products. I’ll be reaching for all 3 items quite a bit.

Products Pictured:

See the full collection here.
What are your thoughts on this collection? Will you be running out to purchase these items? Let me know your thoughts.

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