The Palette I’ve Been Lusting After

Thank my lucky stars! The Marc Jacobs Night Owl Palette was back in stock during the Sephora VIB sale. 
This palette has been sitting in my “love it” list for weeks waiting for me to purchase, then it was sold out! My wallet was happy, but I was not. Thankfully it was back in stock right as I did a little damage with my friends and family 20% off discount. Just look how beautiful this palette is. 

Marc Jacobs just has a way with packaging. The packaging comes with a high quality fabric sleeve to keep everything nice and shiny. 

What drew me to this palette was the warm, rich, vibrant colors perfect for pops of color in the fall in winter months. I also wanted a sleek palette with color options because as you all know I’m an addict for neutral palettes. Just read my last post drooling over 2 of my favorite neutral palettes currently.

Just look at the pigmentation. This picture is after swatting on my arm! The mermaid green is just to die for and the burgundy shade is a great one color lid shade.

What are some of your lust worthy makeup items?

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