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Growing up in Orange County, California, I always wanted to be a beach girl. I would lay out at the beach never reapplying my sunblock and getting myself as tan as possible. For an olive complexion girl, that’s pretty tan. Almost unattractively tan. 
Flash forward to my mid twenties and my first dermatologist visit. Even though I had long since stopped my bad sun habits and became a religious sunblock wearer and shade seeker, the damage had been done. My “beauty marks,” freckles, skin texture, and pre mature aging had already begun. 
In a vain effort to remove a few sun spots, I underwent a bunch of painful zapping sessions. This removed a few freckles and sun spots. The down side every year new spots show up from 10 years ago and I’d have to get more zapping done, painful for both my wallet and my face. 
Before yesterday and Vita Liberata, I had never been a fan of self tanners. Mainly because of the smell and orange.
Long ago in my collage days I tried mystic tan booths, but I just looked way too dark and almost muddy, plus the smell was awful. I tried every drugstore and department store self tanner and have looked streaky, orange, and smelled like wet dog. Finally I found St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse, but that still had a weird fragrance that was used to cover up the products scent. Needless to say I had come to terms with my pasty self. Until yesterday…
Yesterday, I received my first ever custom tan from Fiona Locke from Fiona Locke Studio, located in Santa Monica, California. My life has changed!
The studio is located within Saulino Smith Salon, clean, chic, and convenient. There is complementary valet and a friendly receptionist to great you with coffee. 
When I first met Fiona, she was warm and friendly. I couldn’t get over her beautiful complexion, just the right hint of a natural sun kissed glow. Fiona looked healthy, radiant, and classy. 
Fiona uses Vita Liberata products exclusively. Why? Because there is absolutely no smell to the product at all! Vita Liberata is 100% organic and scent free! My dream come true! No need to smell like a wet dog or an overly fragranced wet dog. 

She took the time to listen to my concerns and what I wanted to look like. I wanted a gradual tan. To look glowing, not dark. I wanted my tan to be darker on my legs and body with a gradual fade up my neck and face. My concern was that I wouldn’t be able to use my current foundation anymore. Fiona listened and really took her time to hear my needs.

I was a little nervous about being fulling naked in front of her, but she really made me feel comfortable and gave me different options from wearing my bikini top and bottom, just the bottoms, disposable bottoms, or nothing at all. She never made me feel awkward or insecure. In fact I wished some of my health care providers would take a few lessons from Fiona.

My custom tan turned out great! I got exactly what I asked for and feel so much more confident in my skin. This is exactly what I needed after being sick for so long. Strange how just a little glow makes you feel so much better.

Below are some photos of Fiona’s work. It doesn’t surprise me she’s customized tans for celebrity red carpets, editorials, and Television and film.

Photo Credit Fiona Locke Studios
Photo Credit Fiona Locke Studio
Photo Credit Fiona Locke Studio

If your not local to Santa Monica or the L.A. area, don’t worry! You can try out Vita Liberata products at home. I was blown away by two of the products Vita Liberata has to offer.

The pHenomenal Tan offers you a tan that can last 2-3 weeks and comes in 3 shades! This is unheard of! You apply the tanner 1-3 times in a row. This would be a perfect weekend pamper session to do and you’ll look glowing for 2-3 weeks. The ideal self tan product for folks going out of town or who have busy work weeks. This comes in a light weight mousse that is also odorless. 
The Rapid Tan is my favorite. This mousse will develop in 1hour! You can come home from work, apply, decide what to wear, and shower off the product and go out. The Rapid Tan lasts 4-7 days and is completely odorless. I hate waiting hours before being able to sweat or shower and this is my solution. No more going to bed with self tanner and ruining my sheets. Leave it on for up to 3 hours for a darker development. 
Some Self Tanning Tips:
I recommend using a mitt when applying any self tan products. This really helps with streaking and saves your hands and nails. 
Mousses are easier to work with and always remember to exfoliate before and keep your skin hydrated to keep your tan going as long as possible. 
Patt your skin dry when getting out of the shower. 


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