What We Can Learn From a Disney Princess

I remember when I use to only wear costumes as a little girl. My favorite was Snow White, probably because at the time there were no other brunette princesses and I identified with her the most. My sister use to play Sleeping Beauty with me by dressing me up like Aurora and I would pretend to be asleep as she recited the prolog to the Disney film, she even made me a cape to go with my Snow White dress in Home Ec., back when there was Home Ec.. I loved being in costume, it allowed me a way to escape into my fantasy world where everything was okay and I could feel beautiful and safe. Clothes can still do that for me (read: Mad Men Dress Up). Putting on something I normally wouldn’t and escaping my current time, situation, self. I don’t think anyone understands this as much as Disney does.
            This week we went to Disneyland to begin the celebration of the holidays. I haven’t been to Disneyland in a few years. My joy and delight reached its peak when we stumbled upon a store completely dedicated to prince and princesses. They had every costume they made and these costumes are so cute and detailed, so much better than what I had growing up. Not only do they sell everything there is a fully functional beauty salon where every little girl (age 3 and up) can get their hair, make-up, nails done, and even have a fairy godmother help her pick out her costume and shoes. They then get to take professional photos! How awesome is that?! Not only do I want to do it, but also I freaked out and turned to Chris and said, “we better have a little girl!” I mean something about getting made up and dressed up is so attractive even starting from the age of 3, it’s not about how the world views you, but how you feel. I think as a kid you really understand that because trends and too much don’t exist in their minds yet. It’s all about the experience of having the attention from someone to make you feel special. It’s about how wonderful it is to treat yourself, to be the best, shiniest version of you every once and a while. The best version of you doesn’t even mean following trends or fashion, but your inner princess. These little girls would look a bit ridicules in the real world. They had crazy up does filled with pink extensions and glitter. Their make up was like Tinker Bell threw up on their faces, but they felt beautiful and special. They don’t know it’s not okay to wear enough pixie dust that they should be able to fly through the park because to them they feel like they could fly through the park. Watching all the little girls dressed up from head to toe, every single one of them was wide eyed and full of hope and magic. They felt the spirit and magic that Disney offers them and they showed it on the outside.
            I mean Cinderella was the first girl to really understand what a good pair of shoes can do and Sleeping Beauty understood how important her dress color was at then end when she got to dance with the Prince, but I think it had something more to do with how they felt and wanted everything to be when they had their happily ever after.  So this week I dare you to try something fun and uncharacteristic of you. It could be a new shade of lipstick, glitter eyeliner, or even just getting your nails done if you don’t normally do that. What’s the worst that can happen? None of it is permanent. It is the holiday season and no one will question a little pixy dust.
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