Why I Became a Health Coach

“Without your health, you have nothing.”

My mom used to tell me this all the time, but it wasn’t until I watched my mom battle liver disease, cancer, and a stroke that I truly understood what my mom meant. 

After everything I have gone through with my own health struggles, I decided to become a certified health coach and soon to be nutritionist. This is a little about my story.

health coach Serein Wu


I grew up on fast food, takeout, and movie theater snacks and did not have a good foundation for proper nutrition. Being active in dance and sports, my poor nutrition habits were not obvious till much later in life.

It’s true, you CANNOT out run a bad diet. Poor nutrition is like maxing out a credit card, it eventually all catches up to you and you’ll have to pay the debt.

Growing up in Southern California in the entertainment industry, I was always surrounded by health and fitness trends.  Constantly worried about my weight and body size. Trying many diets along the way, nothing was sustainable, and I always reverted back to my bad habits of emotional binge-eating, combined with my love for processed foods which eventually led to health disaster.


After turning 30, I started noticing changes in my body—lethargy, severly low immunity, daily headaches, and rapid weight gain. After the loss of my mom, my doctors became concerned about my weight gain, declining blood tests, and mental state.

Grieving the loss of my mom and knowing I had to make changes, I tried: workout classes, trainers, diet plans, and detoxes.  You name it, I tried it. Nothing was working. My body became increasingly more inflamed with each experiment. Workouts barely made a dent and I became frustrated with my declining health. This frustration led to binge eating and punishing myself because of the guilt I felt over feeling lost.

I didn’t understand why “eating healthy” or what I thought was healthy eating paired with intense workouts wasn’t doing it. The unfortunate truth is the information I had (what most of us have) was wrong or incomplete. Our nutrition information comes from marketing, myths, and poor outdated studies done mostly in the 1950’s. Watch Fat: A Documentary.

Finally Chris and I sat down and focused on researching for ourselves.  Based on updated scientific studies we discovered the ketogenic diet, which inspired further research and led to multiple certifications for both of us.


There is so much noise in the health and fitness market place and it is frustrating. Doctors have minimal nutrition education during their medical school years. Most of the education about nutrition is outdated and biased. Marketing from food companies confuse us all further.

After our own frustrations and struggles with health, Chris and I wanted to help others with their personal health journeys. We want to provide tools to help implement healthy habits for all lifestyles. So we began the process of becoming certified coaches and trainers.

I am a Dr. Sears Wellness Institute certified health coach committed to guiding clients along their health and wellness journeys through a science and evidence-based approach. Come Spring 2020, I will also receive my nutritionist certification from Precision Nutrition. Alongside my husband, NASM certified personal trainer Chris Ledford, we’ve created Led Fit, a workout and wellness channel which focuses on realistic and sustainable fitness goals and routines that help guide others in living a healthier (and happier) life!

I believes that there is no such thing as the perfect diet, nor one standard way to achieve good health. Instead, I focuses on a client-centered approach, listening to your goals, teaching you the science and psychology behind healthy habits, and empowering you to make the healthiest decisions that complement your lifestyle—all through effective and targeted plans custom tailored for you to ensure sustainable progress. Because it’s only through consistent effort that you see the best results! Find out more at Health By Serein.



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