Your Lips But Poutier

So I know Kylie Jenner has started a pouty lip revolution and it’s all over magazines and youtube tutorials, but…

Here’s the deal over lining your lips too much just looks plain ridicules in real life. You can get away with a lot more for pictures and filming. However, walking around work or school with over drawn lips is just a makeup mistake you’ll regret in a few months, especially if you over do it for picture day.  
Photo by CL Photo LA

I’ve been blessed with a full bottom lip, but my top lip is not as full, I learned early on to cheat the sides of my top lip and to accentuate the center of my bottom to get the full pouty effect without being scary. When in doubt, less is more. 
Using a slightly darker YLBB lip pencil, line your actual lip line first, then go back over and fill in where you’d like a little more plumpness. The trick is to not over do it and to find the perfect shade of liner. Currently my perfect shade liner is one sent to me from BC cosmetics in Cinnamon. It’s just dark enough to be noticed and used for an outline, but not too pigmented or brown to look crazy. 
Some other suggestions for the perfect YLBB liners are:
For an everyday wearable look I like to use Nars lipstick in barbarella. It’s the perfect peachy nude shade that flatters my new lighter hair. A great drugstore dupe is Wet n’ Wild lipstick in 903 C
I’m thinking of doing a quick youtube tutorial on my lipstick routine. Subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t already to stay up to date. 
photo by CLPhotoLA
What are your thoughts on the over lining craze? Are you guilty of it?

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